Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Application control capacities benefits from
a cloud –based file reputation service

The increasing tendency to mix personal and business data on devices results in the bypass and breakdown of the legacy endpoint security models of enterprises management, misinterpreting mobile risk and organizational structures that do not allow enterprise mobility. World Media telecom vulnerability management services provide enforcement of policy to protect your IT infrastructure and data with optional features to perform additional scanning.


Predictable breaches and incidents for potential financial effectiveness

Ensure Service configurations aligned with IT security standards.

Very good malware detection effectiveness as measured for full-disk encryption

The combination of vulnerability detection, parch management and application control to provide strong framework for hardening and isolating endpoints from malware

Application control capacities benefits from a cloud –based file reputation service

Ensure that vulnerability management and intrusion prevention processes are extended to cover wireless ... audit trails, and the identification and location of interference sources


Security expertise to help safeguard your IT infrastructure contained proprietary, delivered code, or new features or functionality

Application security: analysis of source code to detect security flaws as poor implementations authorization controls and/or authentication, mishandling of memory management, buffer overflows, insecure storage, insecure transmission among third-party support vendors, provide their own security patches as vulnerabilities are made known

Vertical applications stack to manage network security solution for content filtering and web control

A broad portfolio of reliable simple and smart switching, security and management solutions to deliver the cloud-enabled for growing businesses need

Ensures uninterrupted availableness of mission-critical applications from any device, anyplace within the world