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Move your business account to the World Media Telecom platform a new organizational model that increase agility to better serve your customers

WMT Business Center

Take advantage of the World Media Telecom Network and some of our advanced capabilities to help you connect with customers and more easily grow your business

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Log in to the World Media Telecom Business Center with your User ID. For most World Media Telecom Business services’ customers, a User ID is automatically generated during the service installation process. You can also register to the World Media Telecom Business Center anytime by visiting http://wmtbc or clicking on the Register Today button (or use your World Media Telecom invoice to complete your registration). If you need assistance registering for the WMT Business Center, please contact WMT Customer Care 1-800 437675 for USA / Canada customers or International (1) 255 675 99

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We help you stay connected with your customers and gain advanced capability, knowledge management to grow your business

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Products & Solutions

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Network Services

Wide Area Networking

Connect your multi-locations with our Wide Area Network solutions that securely support workload and application behavior from anywhere, anytime

Internet Access

High-speed Internet access that is always on and faster access and a high-speed connection that can transmits and receives data at a rate of 256 Kbps, or more, and allows for a continuous connection to the internet

Ethernet & Private Line Services

We offer a reliable business Ethernet and Private Line Services with Backup Power through IP based routing, Ethernet data communications as well as other applications include information technology to understand and monitoring how services are performing, along with identifying potential areas of risk

Unified Communications & Voice


World Media Telecom VoIP has the capability to customize complex application and update administrative features IP network and integrates all of your voice and data communications, scalability and global reach.
Additional value-added services including reliability and high availability, lower cost of operations and support

Cloud and Managed Services

Managed Services

Software tools that optimize network management so that new services can be easily provisioned across thousands of devices and workflows for specific use cases

Take advantage and opportunities of World Media Telecom Products & Solutions to identify your area of your business.



We help you manage and support your critical business

Enterprise SIP and IP Flex Support

Enterprise SIP Customers

IP Flex, IP Flex/VPN and SIP Customers

VoIP services

World Media Telecom Business Center Online Management for Administrators

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    The Inteltel Rational approach to modernizing and leveraging existing core system applications is based on project strategies

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