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Satellite Network Services

Provide fully reliable backup and emergency Internet Access in case of power outages or network failures even in harsh weather conditions or natural disasters

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Global coverage

Connectivity and variety of different methods related to business processes.


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Covers all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through an unified NOCs objective.

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Satellite Network Services

Our Satellite Network Services support IP applications from broadband Internet Access and can help connect onshore and offshore sites that are in remote and challenging locations. As an integrated single global network, we provide a perfect updated configuration and smooth integration across platforms, terrestrial and satellite networks. We deliver a terrestrial-grade experience that can be accessed anywhere in the world from VoIP, video conferencing, streaming media and data backup with full support and 24/7 operational monitoring. This service is available anywhere in Africa, The Middle East, as well as North and Latin Americas, and Asia- Pacific..

Highly efficient satellite communications including  BW sharingbuild for your business

We offer a range of shared and dedicated services, for fixed, long-term, high data-rate requirements, through Rapid Site Set-up (RSS), Disaster Resilience (DR) portable terminals. The MEO satellites are serviced by an array of fixed Earth Stations (Gateways) via our partner’s locations around the globe. Our multi-environments, operating systems, and application involving complex configuration ensure a perfect updated backhaul service from these Gateways to Inteltel PoP, either as Ethernet or IP service. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) capabilities enable real-time cloud and streaming across medium data rates of 40 to 100 Mbps and with low 50ms latency. We provide a complete backup, disaster recovery and restoration for high availability migration and endpoint protection.

Performance delivered through configurable, interoperability with terrestrial services

We use enterprise Ka-Band High Throughput service to expend reach across workers in the field, create user interfaces and structuring industries such as communicating with other software and applications for Telco and MNOs to ISPs and Maritime. From mining, oil & gas and manufacturing to health, education, and government. Our Satellite Network Services include: Corporate networks Disaster recovery and resilience Internet gateway services, with shared or dedicated (clear) connectivity International private circuits IPCG fast turn up of site Voice connectivity Connectivity for special requirements, such as short-term events

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The Next-Generation Satellite On-Demand global solution that enables providers to create value for their end-users, full control of bandwidth and global coverage, high reliable connectivity is available according to your investment plans, strategy or coverage commitments in remote zones and rural environments.

Our Satellite Network Services Features include:

Global coverage

Satellite Network Services as a global network of multiple satellites and central network management systems that can deliver a terrestrial experience and diverse services, such as voice, data, video, and navigation that can be accessed anywhere in the world.


Provides connectivity without the restriction of cables having to reach poor terrain or remote regions such as out at sea, on oil rigs, or on an isolated island with built-in redundancy and automatic back-up services, in the wake of a disaster, ideal for connecting moving objects, like aircraft, UAVs (Unscrewed Aerial Vehicles), ships and trains.

Back-up connectivity

When a primary ground-based connection suffers an outage for whatever reason, a satellite backup is always on standby and ready to kick in immediately to maintain connectivity.


Through multi-layer security, Inteltel Platform eliminates network-related security risks and helps you facilitate device identity, connection management, assets management, software management as well as adding encryption technology, an ideal solution for government, military and enterprise  VPN  (virtual private network) solutions.


Provides broadcast application and offers a fixed cost solution under long term contract with flexible/expendable network configuration that increase data bandwidth, access to remote, transportable, mobile sites scattered anywhere in the satellite footprint. VSAT remotes can be deployed rapidly and new remote locations are easily added to perform total network management, monitor transmissions and perform remote diagnostics on user terminal or via shared-hubs.

Fast Deployment

Satellite technology innovation has pushed ground technology to quickly adapt to this new way of thinking; therefore VSAT is the preferred solution for many service providers as this technology is much easier to deploy and to also support massive network expansion, and challenges posed by difficult terrain, remote locations, harsh weather, terrestrial obstacles, and connectivity in disaster and emergency relief.

Cost Savings

Satellite technology can deliver a communication infrastructure to areas where terrestrial alternatives are unavailable, easy configuration along full control of bandwidth and coverage to meet changing markets, real-time data analytics for more cost-effective bandwidth scaling solutions as usage increases.

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