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integrated field solutions

Can help your business reach, buys, and manages products and services

Inteltel Consultancy Services

The most powerful way to identify opportunities and make IT decisions for business strategy, operations and performance management

Inteltel Consultancy Services

Enables organizations overcome complexity to deliver innovative experience where and when customers need them

Information Technology

Technology and engineering solutions using Al for better decision making

We can help you consolidate your adoption of these technologies and support your business moving to Inteltel without any disruption of service, help you connect better with your customers and promoting seamless collaboration

IT Infrastructure Modernized – Network Infrastructure

Our infrastructure and applications include remote location, site management, low bandwidth requirements and real-time solutions that ensure effective service for shipping, field communications for Oil & Gas, mining sites, farming, excavation sites, etc. and cost-effective means no matter where they are located.

Global reach capabilities

Solutions Built-in innovation to support a wide range of architectures and capabilities and suit any type of workload deployment for global data centers, transform business digital technology and support data projects using the elements of the vision to set priorities.

Telecom, Media & Finance

We providing strategic advice to telecom operators and service providers, working internationally with satellite, wireless and fiber operators, and advising on such matters as business planning from SMEs, wholesale to home networks

Our expertise includes

Providing strategic advice to telecom operators and service providers

With satellite, wireless and fiber operators, advising on matters such-as-low cost, high security and supporting new or enhanced virtual high-speed services

Providing technical and business expertise and managing litigation cases

Activities like investigating the details of the case, gathering of evidence, interviewing of witnesses & the technical and business aspects of satellite, terrestrial communications & assisting leading law firms

Providing financial valuations, market validation & methods

Justifies investment with key insights centered on agile planning, the impact of market development and evaluation of potential investments

Benefits of intelligent network platform

Managed Network Services in a Software-Defined transformation includes outsourcing Inteltel IT services through availability integrated software tools that optimize network management. New services can be easily provisioned across multi-vendor enterprise networks; thousands of devices and workflows can be accessed from any of your multiple locations around the world.

Consultative approach

Consultative approach along with design and implementation of selected collaboration services supporting large-scale applications across the entire network infrastructure. End-to-end management. We design, configure and manage your service using Inteltel equipment, which is backed by our support center, repair and replacement warranty.

Increase agility & services

Increase efficiency and ensure the highest level of end user satisfaction when accessing applications and devices.

We supplied & supported CPE devices, such as Cisco. Accedian, Fortinet, ADTRAN and Cradlepoint. Help connect router, switches, wireless access points, we install and manage your equipment and ensure security, sites performance and reduce costs

Proactive monitoring

Inteltel Proactive monitoring services include information technology to understand and monitor how services are performing. This along with identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Monitoring applies to applications, networks, security, computers and data centers operation.

Managed connectivity & devices

Practical and highly secure services to achieve quick and reliable network integration to your company's high capability WAN. This grants a unique requirement connectivity, manages WiFi and provides a secure network access for employees across business locations to meet your business needs

Business Highlights

Best IT services

For performance and better understand a successful approach to end-to-end application performance and load testing by using application lifecycle management

Consultants engineering Services

Highly skilled & trained committed to deliver the right quality approach of engineering

Al for better decision making

And support application response time, and end-user behavior to deliver solutions that meet or exceed business requirements

High level of security

Using innovation technology to link your multiple business locations to the network and provides class of service that enabling you to prioritize your traffic

Global reach

Capabilities enables organizations overcome complexity to deliver innovative experience where and when you customers need them

A broad array of mobility solutions and services

Help improve business processes for global workforce including devices mobility management, wireless management, voice, content and applications systems for enterprise

Support & Monitoring

  • Available 24 x 7 x 365
  • Certified engineer support
  • Wholesale Customer Portal Tool and API enable streamline quoting, ordering and service implementation
  • Dedicated data account management

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