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Vision, Mission & Values

The information reflects our new and recently approved Vision, Mission, Inteltel Telecom and Value statements. These statements summaries what our company is and what we are striving to accomplish. They are all linked to our core business, and should provide the focus for every decision the Company – or any sub-unit within it – makes and every action it takes.

The new mission statements did not spring forth from the head of a single staff member or the deliberations of a strategic planning team. Rather, the statements evolved from all levels, right to the top. These staff-defined statements and values are now the Company’s Credo, endorsed by Senior

Management and the Board

Having new vision and mission statements, however, would be insignificant if its implementation is not linked to the needs and interests of our customers and our core business. To that end, we have pledged to use these instruments as our common set of values, to govern our actions and to attain behavioral change. In addition, they provide us with an effective means of sharing our cause with the public.

Summary of Operations

The performance of the Business Units and Support Divisions are summarized, individually, for excellent progress to been made by the Company in terms of meeting its performance targets. We continued to improve operational efficiency, and reduced our cost of offering products and services.

Customer Service

Customer service levels, at all Business Units dealing directly with customers, have improved significantly. The response time to complaints, the repair of faults, installation of our systems and other aspects of service-delivery are all recorded and monitored against specific targets for improvement. The availability and uptime of systems have also maintained exceptional records.

Technology Solutions

Much hard work went into a worldwide search for appropriate and affordable technologies to support the reason for optimism. Through prudent investments and sound technological choices, we could move closer to meeting the demand for reliable and affordable solutions. The debate evolved around the cost-based pricing structure of the Inteltel Telecom system. Inteltel Telecom undertook to restructure the pricing packages, and to accommodate the customers’ concerns.

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