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Enterprise class VSAT services

A reliable broadband IP Platform connectivity solution, ideal for Internet Access, point-to-multipoint applications such as the distribution of broadcasting content anywhere around the world.

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Connectivity and variety of different satellite services related to business processes.


Global solutions with seamless integration depending on your business needs.

High availability and 24x7 support

Providing cover for all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective.

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Expand your communications reach anywhere where terrestrial services are not available

Our multi-Channel per carrier (MCPC) platforms offer VSAT satellite solutions to develop your network for delivery of new channels and new markets, maintain business reliability and built-in redundancy and backup for satellite and terrestrial facilities, disaster recovery and reach into even the most isolated regions around the world. We have providers of satellite and capacity offering a set of strategically located teleports that allow us to provide the best coverage anywhere where terrestrial services are not available. These services are available anywhere from Africa, Middle East, as well as North and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

Effective and reliable VSAT where enterprises carriers and organizations rely on us for connectivity

Inteltel enterprise VSAT service provides a user experience for a broadband solution and connectivity to networks via satellite, which enable specific features and illustrate the role where satellites play the overall communications ecosystem. We offer different programming channel and equipment needed to integrate with VSAT systems, using enterprise Ka, Ku and C Band High Throughput service to expend reach across workers in the field, create user interfaces and structuring industries such as communicating with other software and applications for wide range of industries including Banking, Oil & Gas, energy, Telco & Media, Logistic & Transportation, government, mining, healthcare, education, retailing, etc.

Satellite technology driving success that can help you prepare your strategy

We help create a comfortable environment for VSAT networks ranging from private and public sectors including banks to administrations, schools, hospitals and rural telecommunications by offering different programming channels and equipment that are needed to integrate with VSAT systems
  • VSAT comprises of two modules viz. an outdoor unit and an indoor unit
  • Outdoor unit mainly houses Antenna; feed horn, RF Transceiver, LNA, Power amplifier.
  • The antenna size is typically 1.8 or 2.4 meter in diameter, although smaller antennas are also in use.
  • The indoor unit functions as mux-demux, modem and interfaces with the end user equipment’s like PCs, LANs, Telephones or an EPABX.
  • Low cost High speed Internet access
  • Point of sales for retail, banking (eg. ATM)
  • Financial management
  • Broadband Internet access for personal home use and businesses
  • Dynamic, demand or assigned bandwidth allocation
  • Data, image, audio and video collection and monitoring management
  • Intranet, Internet and IP infrastructure and Tech support solutions US Teleport
  • Telephony for rural, individual subscribers
  • Corporate Telephony
  • Multi-media delivery
  • Interactive distance education/ training

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