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Create intelligent network with Inteltel managed network services

Solve critical business challenges and successfully respond to trends and changes in the digital transformation, systems integration that optimize performance, maximize revenues and offer users a personalized experience

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Simplify management

Enabling organizations to build high performance network, high value products and services

Access to the WAN services

Improve network effectiveness, security, traffic and applications

Cost saving

Help decrease costs for involved IT teams and make networks more intelligent and autonomous

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Right-managed network services to keep your business running

Inteltel Managed network services portfolio includes complex network configuration combining MPLS using a robust and flexible VPN to support multiple applications and connections to cloud services. We also provide Cybersecurity protections, Wi-Fi, VoIP, Data and digital signage services, as well as device configuration, installation, management, maintenance and secure connection between your enterprise applications and multiple business locations worldwide Learn more about our solution and expertise

Inteltel builds custom SD-WAN solutions that fit your budget worldwide Europe, India, Africa and Middle East

Our services include large-scale applications across the entire network infrastructure and help your organization for the better, gaining Cybersecurity protections, Wi-Fi, VoIP, Data and Digital Signage Services to help you achieve greater visibility to the cloud services by taking advantage with advanced MPLS VPN solutions we improve your enterprise applications and combine the opportunity to integrate IP services over MPLS/IP VPN.

Our team of experts provides valuable expertise, and how to build or manage network services. Using ML/AL to achieve fast, smart and reliable network integration, high capability SD-WAN solutions with unique requirement connectivity to quickly make networks smarter, practical and secure

Simplify your WAN connectivity across data center, campus, branch, and multicloud locations

Delivered to meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprise business environments, ensure backup communications and create an integrated network that brings broadband together your data centers, public clouds, and private clouds in a hybrid environment with Al-powered automation.

The combination of these methods can meet your demands on isolation, hardened security, and strict regulation compliance for deployed applications, improve resource utilization, and optimize your WAN and IT team performance

WAN connectivity Learn more

The future of network managed services

Automated network operations with real-time visibility and powerful insights optimized to run on the Inteltel network legacy systems using standards based hardware and network diagram software to create network diagrams, visualize connections, resources, and control costs.

What our users say

• Gain real-time visibility across IT landscape
• On-site to cloud benefits
• Search across the network in second

Managed Broadband

Broadband services fully integrated cloud-based data and voice solutions, that supports hard-to-reach remote locations that can be accessed anywhere in the world and support wireline transports from 4G LTE and 5G, point-to point microware and satellite and guarantees quality from geostationary (GEO) and non- geostationary (NGSO)
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Managed Routing

We simplify the complex technology challenges to create seamless integrated solutions managed routing and managed router services, including our Managed Broadband Connectivity to connect business and ensure high availability, performance and reliability with a fully managed wide area network (WAN) or edge routing solution.

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Managed SD-WAN

Secure innovation solutions in WAN technology fully integrated across SD-WAN and cloud, help improve the convergence of your business communication platforms
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Managed Switching

Inteltel Networking Switches are designed for you and managed from a Single-Pane-of-Glass, enable you to deliver performance to your business. Each instance of a physical or virtual switch, supported by policy management and covered under Managed Network Services
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Managed WI-FI

Extended flexibility access and support WIFI performance while minimizing cost and removing the burden from internal IT teams
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Managed VoIP

Our VoIP system with reliable, cost-effective business grade digital phone service is flexible and adaptable for one or many locations with robust features, and advanced management from Inteltel business operations help improve workflows even if your team is distributed across the world
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Managed Digital Signage

Technological advancements in the digital signage capabilities to optimize information flow, to enhance the overall efficiency of your workforce, and open new paths of communications for enterprise management and control of content authoring and permissions via Inteltel software-defined AV-over-IP
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Managed Security

A unified treat management appliance associated with innovative and broad set of technologies that enables a true integrated solutions for your digital and data security
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Optimizes network connectivity for your SD-WAN solution

We can provide Practical and highly secure solution to achieve fast, reliable network integration to your company high capability WAN for unique requirement connectivity, and various network management tasks. From wireless to wireline, overlay to underlay emerging technologies, to help reinvent your organization for better, gain cybersecurity to achieve greater visibility to the cloud services with advanced MPLS VPN solutions to improve your enterprise applications and combine the opportunity to integrate IP services over MPLS/IP VPN

Inteltel Network Data Challenges and AL/ML

Perspective and challenges, analyzing and leveraging network data as well as the use of AI and ML in networks

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Advanced Security

A solid foundation to your business making sure your network, data and devices are accessible with the ability to provision security features

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MPLS has more sophisticated ability to control network dynamics and greater scalability then carrier Ethernet. Both have advantages in cost reduction per bit of data as compared to traditional transport mechanisms

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With backup power, IP based routing and virtual networks fully integrated with reliable data transmission via IP-MPLS, Ethernet, or private line

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Global VPN

Increase confidence, trust, engagement and secure access to all your internal and cloud-based resources

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Global SD-WAN

Support successful digital transformation Initiative. SD-WAN Can identify network traffic by application, user, or the source/destination and treat it differently

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WAN / Cloud

Allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying models that can overlay any existing environment

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Dedicated Internet

High quality connectivity Tier1 and Tier 2 IP transit, CDN and Co-location services. We offer 24-7 technical support available to the Inteltel multiple users around the world

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Global LAN

Range of services options, which enable data communications among local resources within an organization.

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Virtual Firewall

Complete integration with network services fully managed or co-managed

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