Whether it is an autonomous vehicle or an airplane

Our effective service for transport, intelligent cars/smart roads, trains, ships or planes will enable to update real-time position data, secure remote engine monitoring and calibration of integrated systems and applications.

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Increase reliability

Enables safe and efficiency passage of the aircraft destination with up-to-date information.


Offer high speeds connections, route, air traffic and airline operational Information and supporting all key cockpit applications.


Automate network and security operations to support high-capacity connections for cargo operators.

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Global experience for the whole aircraft, from safety communications to high-speed broadband and live TV in the cabin

Our unified environment that includes state-of-art mobile satellite communications for long- range connectivity can connect aircraft. The architecture means that data can be transferred seamlessly between all applications, providing the user with a single, easy-to-use interface. Powered by Industry Solution Experiences and our engineering teams – based on design, analysis, simulation, and intelligence software is available both on premise and on cloud. These include safety communications, weather and flight-plan updates, as well as passenger connectivity for email, Internet access, VoIP telephone calls, and SMS messaging.

Multimodal Transportation data and Network Management (MTDNM)

The challenge for the business manager in planning and managing facilities and expansion of access to high-quality, real- time, multimodal transportation data, captured from connected vehicles, mobile devices, and infrastructure. We help organizations leveraging full potential of mobility, by allowing workers to use mobile handheld devices (smart phones and tablets) to access networks, data and applications in using mobile technologies to transform their customer experience, and operational processes and collect real-time data from a variety of sources and modes and integrate the data across modes and sources or make it available for users to incorporate according to their needs. How enterprise mobility adopts strategies that enabler for digital transformation
  • Enable systematic data capture from connected vehicles (automobiles, transit, and trucks), mobile devices, and infrastructure
  • Develop data environments that enable integration of high-quality data from multiple sources for transportation management and performance measurement
  • Reduce costs of data management and eliminate technical and institutional barriers to the capture, management, and sharing of data.
  • Determine required infrastructure for transformative applications implementation, along with associated costs and benefits.

Features Benefits of using cloud native applications

Applications that use real-time data have the potential to increase highway safety and operational efficiency nationwide while minimizing the impact on the environment, and enabling travelers to make better-informed travel decisions. Real-time data sets also have the potential to support a range of multimodal mobility applications. For example, real-time information on parking availability and transit schedules can enable smarter mode- choice decisions and yield time and fuel efficiencies for travelers. Updated freight-movement data helps commercial freight operators to optimize operations.

Advanced Algorithms:
Inteltel applications prioritizes communication traffic both local and long distance, highway safety and operational efficiency in near real-time data sets, decreasing incident response times and improving safety and steady decode network traffic Seamless.

Inteltel system allows seamless hardware integration and compatibility with existing devices; reducing on- premises network expenses, enhance support for mobility, agility and flexibility.

Converged IP/Wireless Infrastructure
A unified networking and communications base uses IP packet transfer to support voice, data and videos transmission and can be extended to include local and wide area wireless communications.

Cloud-based Solutions:
We provide rapid penetration for virtualization between enterprise networks and meet the needs of unified network that supports several of devices, applications, ensuring connectivity across intersections and efficiently provide superior collaboration and communication tools, high security and quicker response to the market conditions

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