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Advanced technology and a complete infrastructure using our global teleport services

We combine applications, service enablement, connectivity management, and consulting and systems integration services.

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Connected services

The speed of adoption of satellite services and infrastructure varies across the industries.

Implementation services

Our team of experts provides valuable input, by offering remote control and tool tracking and know-how in satellite technology.

Security & stability

Covers all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective and 24x7 support.

Why choose us?

Build on integrated applications and data support

Our services consist of broadcast, data, teleport and data centres and satellites between 76° East and 60° West can be reached through more than 135 antennas in the Ku-, Ka- and C-Band. To ensure a maximum of security and stability of our solutions, and covers all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective and 24x7 support and a fully redundant RF. Inteltel teleport and IP infrastructure services team can lay the foundation for successful IT and power supply service implementation for global reach, and take over the end-to-end implementation or help you with a specific related tasks. Includes both standard communication services and complete managed service solutions for DTH platforms (SD) The service available anywhere in Africa, Middle East, as well as North and Latin Americas, and Asia-Pacific.

Strategy innovative concepts with execution management software services and policy deployment solutions

Our terrestrial and wireless communications across virtualization; cloud infrastructure and SDN (Software Defined Networking) are enabling greater efficiency and more dynamic services to our global service partnered with corporate clients, supporting them as they expand across the global business landscape, to service providers of (MEO, LEO,HTS), Operators and OTTs. We provides full range of Teleport services for enterprise connectivity and management system give them the flexibility to connect to our terrestrial international network and access to multiple networks with diverse competencies for consumers, governments, businesses and broadcasters.

When you choose Inteltel you get successful integrated solution and remote management services

That helps building a customized architecture and applications to connect your operations with your HQ over satellite network. We enable your business hardware and custom software complete life-cycle access management capabilities and automate your enterprise and services.
Automating the teleport Our service includes
  • Virtualizing ground infrastructure, including the transition from analog to digital teleport IF and RF processing, thus lowering costs and increasing operational flexibility by taking advantage of cloud- based technologies and infrastructure.
  • Expanding the use of software-based infrastructure (over hardware-based solutions) to improve scalability, while enabling faster and more dynamic services.
  • Automating network and RF management solutions that cost effectively scale from small, simple, single wide-beam networks to some of world’s largest and most complex satellite networks in operation today.
  • Optimizing service delivery and operations efficiently through the integration of the entire infrastructure, including rolling up legacy M&C and NMS systems into a single management solution that is connected with the customer’s OSS systems. This will enable the automation of not only the tracking of the health and SLAs of customer services, but also the process of identifying the root cause of alarms and support automated recovery.

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