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Broadcast Applications

The global nature of satellite systems and the ability to broadcast multiple points at the same time makes it the most efficient signal delivery on earth..

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Global coverage

Connectivity and variety of different methods related to business processes.


Our team of experts provides valuable input, especially when it comes to know-how in satellite technology.

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Covers all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective.

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We offers secure way to transmit video, backhaul for programmers and news teams across the world

We helps connecting people of many cultures and countries with news, educational, and entertainment programming Satellites are the largest, most advanced and most important supplier of capacity for distribution of digital, HD programming, Ultra HD and more to points throughout the globe.

Using the digital dividend to optimize spectrum efficiency and ensure quality of service

Through the Teleport service we provide a global communications network to broadcast audio and visual content. We offer satellite network capacity for contribution services that are invaluable to our customers for activities such as:
  • Backhauling material from studios for redistribution
  • Satellite transmission from outside broadcasts
  • Overcoming connectivity gaps in remote or rural areas
  • Digital transmissions using less bandwidth and so by switching off all analogue channels, a large amount of bandwidth is freed up for other digital services.
  • Spectrum-efficient means of broadcasting content to millions of people at the same time.
  • Enabling transmission of a portfolio of diverse cultural content all over the globe at low cost

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