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We continued to review the Company’s Business Strategy at our annual Top Management retreat, in collaboration with the Board. The strategy ensures that we strike a balance between the business community needs in terms of innovative, fast and competitive infrastructure, and to connect.

Financial Performance

The USA’s GDP growth economic performance is the good news for telecommunication industry, Inteltel Telecom project to achieve a 3% growth in revenue for the next 3 years. This growth would mainly be a result of revenue increases in mobile phones, satellite technology, and the Internet and telephony services. Operating Profit will rose by 5% mainly as a result of the stronger presence in cloud software, applications, transmit not just voice but also data in the form of graphic images, sound, and video which will result in actual savings on our Cost of Goods for resale. At the same time tight cost control measures will be enforced and we refocused sharply on untapped revenue streams. This would enable us to close with solid and healthy balance sheet positions and pleasing results of equity to debt ratio.

Human Resources

Inteltel Telecom strong position in the job market as an attractive employer is largely due to the Company’s positive image as a professional employer with a conductive work climate, effective organization of work, career possibilities and work challenges. The continuous development of skills through targeted training courses will continue to receive focused attention.

Risk Management

Inteltel Telecom’s Board and Management are committed to and accountable for effective risk-management in ensuring that business objectives are met, and that continued, sustained growth and profitability are achieved. To this end, the Board adopted a Risk-Management Policy and Strategy, in terms of which a risk-management framework should be established at appropriate levels of the organization.

The aim is to establish within the Company a culture of disclosure of risk as well as ownership of risk-management, in order to mitigate risk in Inteltel Telecom. This policy entails identifying, managing and disclosing both internally and externally our risk-management process, to ensure that our stakeholders view us as a transparent organization. In addition, this would be done to create awareness and understanding of Inteltel Telecom’s risk-management framework at appropriate levels of the organization. The Board holds Management accountable for the effective management of risk.

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