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Broadband communications with global reach

Providing connectivity for the public and commercial services deliver voice, video, and data that can be accessed anywhere in the world.

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Connectivity and variety of different satellite services related to business processes.


Global solutions with seamless integration depending on your business needs.

High availability and 24x7 support

Providing cover for all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective.

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A robust business model and multiple applications combining the advantages of fiber networks and broadband services

Intelligent access based on 3G / 4G / LTE / through 5G connecting everything global coverage via high performance connectivity that expand your reach through Inteltel high performance international bandwidth and IP MPLS services. Inteltel deliver broadband connectivity in the most challenging environments, our team of experts can creates tailored ad-hock or turnkey solutions for delivering a vast array of cost-effective and reliable satellite Internet service, layer bandwidth for regions or applications with high-density traffic, as well as for critical applications where redundancy is required.

Broadband Network deployment with global reach in the most challenging and diverse environments

Our robust satellite broadband services fully integrated cloud-based data; backup applications and voice, video solutions for both residential and commercial broadband services We provides services in provisioning, diagnostics, engineering, development, network deployment and management, VoIP and technical support, and ensure total inclusion with broadband Internet speed connectivity at competitive prices, we offers multiple plan and technologies to match your bandwidth needs, including Asymmetrical Ethernet, DSL, and cable to match your bandwidth needs and select the Internet services that meet your budget and location.

Your trusted satellite communications partner

We meet your needs by providing Project management for advanced communications and network infrastructure in Pan-European, Pan- African, Middle Eastern and Asian territory, as well as connectivity between Africa and Europe. Our multivendor team offers a full range of satellite broadband services from consulting to support of inexpensive satellite antennas, traffic optimization techniques that minimize OPEX and ease modifying the bandwidth without facilities. Depending on your business needs, our engineers or project managers can help optimize your communications networks or offering cost-effective solutions for your converged IT/OT applications, security for Operators, TELCOs, integrators, ISPs, OSP and wireless networks, as-well-as Wholesale and retail, carriers and OTTs.

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