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Inteltel Telecom Support Center is proud to support business worldwide a technology professional is available 24/7 to resolve any issues quickly. 1-4000 (from outside the United States) Call 1-888- (within the United States & Canada) Or 1-4000 (from outside the United States)

  • General Customer Support: 800.421.
  • Email Us:support@wmt.com

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Repairs & Installations
Help you understand, check and customize your service status, and
reschedule service appointment online based on your preferences

Remote Support
Whether you are looking for options to move all agents or are dealing with daily disruptions due to on-premises systems or cloud not built for remote work, we are here to help a technology professional is available 24/7 to resolve any issues quickly

Service ConnectionView
ConnectionView your connection status
Business Internet, TV, Voice, Mobility, troubleshoot issue and access, and help keep your business connected

Ensure that all users receive quality services and how to view utilization and availability reports and configure your equipment

Innovative and broad set of technology enables a true integrated solution and support.
Get access the customer portal for great user experiences and better application performance, with a managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN)

Cloud Solutions
SolutionsCentralizedManagement your subscription to the Inteltel Telecomhelp accessing billing, and how to secure and restore email function to suspected compromised Microsoft 365 and mailbox

Service Interruption
Network maintenance related to severe storm or any other related interruptions we help keep you connected

Inteltel Telecom Support Center is proud to support business worldwide.A technology professional is available 24/7 to resolve any issues quickly

Global Business Supports to Improve Collaboration across the Enterprise Ecosystem

Assistance Center is your global support point of contact for post sales technical and network-related questions and issues on Inteltel Telecom. For any assistance or troubleshooting a services gateway, open a support case using the case manager linkat www.worldmediatelecom.com/support/ or call1-888– (within the United States, Canada) or 1-4000 (from outside the United States)

On Site IT Support Services
Help resolve problems faster, reduce downtime and improve user satisfaction and customer retention

Network Monitoring
Will let you see bandwidth and saturation down to the port. Track down problem users hogging all the bandwidth before they even finish.

Application & Data Management
For high performance, environment and IT infrastructure cost reduction

System Integration
Complex contact center infrastructure solutions and IT services that helps building a customized architecture and application, integrating hardware and custom software communications

Performance Engineering Support
Highly skilled & trained consultants committed to deliver the right quality approach of engineering IT for performance, evaluate assess, and better understand a successful approach to end-to-end application performance and load testing by using application lifecycle management, security, monitoring project and portfolio optimization

IT Education Support
We design and support IT solutions for interactive and collaborative learning environment for the next generation classroom. Motivate students with tools that enable them to interact with the teacher and classmates

Infrastructure & Modernization
Will enable your organization to support big data projects. Using the elements of the vision to set priorities for information infrastructure modernization

Technology research integrated Products & Services supported by WMT global network

Inteltel Telecom provides organizations with full portfolio of end-to-end, reliable, and highly secure international data and voice traffic options to support the capacity needs and identified fraudulent traffic scenarios for our wholesale customers.

Business Phone Services

Business VoIP Solution

Inteltel Telecom provides Hosted Voice (Phone Systems in the Cloud) and Onsite Telecommunication solutions to businesses of all sizes. We offers reliable cost-effective phone lines to broadband packages, calling plans to fully managed office phone systems, and conferencing services to Toll-Free numbers and advanced features.
View Internet Plans

Business Internet Services

We offers Fractional T1 to the Business built for download speeds up to 150Mbps and DSL Business Service Class line share ADSL Internet Services that allows Dedicated Internet ADSL Internet and ADSL (or symmetrical DSL).
View Internet Plans

Ethernet Services

Ethernet fiber, Ethernet over copper, T1, Private line, MPLS, Dedicated Internet, We offers Internet access built for download speeds beyond 200Mbps, including data transport, and virtual networks, fully integrated with high speed Internet access, secure and reliable data transmission via IP, MPLS, Ethernet, or private line.
View Internet Plans

Security/Cyber security

Every package is custom-built to meet the needs of your company while utilizing security incident and event security manager‘s proven solution stack and products. Our basic packages include:IT professionals and system administrators to manage multiple security applications and devices, and to respond automatically to resolve security incidents.
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Managed IoT Connectivity Services

Based on open-source Inteltel Telecom software platform for IoT solutions is the right connectivity for organization of all sizes across multiple countries? Applications and services areas includes users and enterprise systems, devices activations, cellular provisioning, sensors, machines and gateways secure services
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Next Level of Healthcare

The drive toward digital transformation Unified Communications (UC) solution for healthcare
Help create a confortable environment for hospital and healthcare facility for patients by offerings different programming channel and equipment need to integrate with their systems
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