Managed IT Services

Ensure continuity of business-critical
for IT operations & Cybersecurity

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Advisory and Professional services

Our experts leverage deep category knowledge and market insight to help you make the right technology investments, mitigate risk and drive down costs. As a company that has IT at our core, we can provide advisory and professional services under different business models, from centralized data center to multi-site service cloud strategies worldwide recommendations and roadmap you need to meet your goals.

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Our IT solutions support services includes
Managed IT Services, IT consulting for small, medium and large businesses

Managed Network Services in a Software-Defined transformation includes outsourcing World Media Telecom IT services through availability integrated software tools. These optimize network management. Hence new services can be easily provisioned across multi-vendor enterprise networks. Thousands of devices and workflows can be accessed from any of your multiple locations around the world.

IT Security Services

We focus on application monitoring of infrastructure response time with advanced ability to identify emerging treats on your terms and mitigate emerging threats and cybersecurity issues.

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IT infrastructure/ Data backup & recovery

Extensive disaster planning and readiness checklists for IT infrastructure, enterprise applications, servers and desktops we securely back up your data and store in three locations. One encrypted copy on your premises and two encrypted copies at offsite facilities.

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IT support operation/ Server & network

We handle the complete package to deliver IT support operation, service desk agents and software support engineering both onsite and offsite services.

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IT monitoring & troubleshooting

Enable your organization to gain a complete understanding of your enterprise infrastructure performance.
Using the elements of the vision to set priorities, build dynamic, problem detection, real-time visibility and 24/7 infrastructure monitoring to prevent system saturation and track down problems.

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IT infrastructure, management & services

We ensure a successful project, avoiding any of the challenges associated with implementing networks to on-premises data centers, hybrid cloud environments and IT infrastructure elements. We focus on mitigating emerging issues remotely, and application monitoring of infrastructure response time.

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Remote support

We handle the complete package of contact center services to deliver 24/7/365 IT support operation, services desk agents and software support engineering both onsite and outside services backed by performance and confidence your need to make compensation decisions for your business.

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Helping you team keep up with leading digital transformation

Implementing digital workforce and IoT services

We help solve complex IT critical challenges and successfully respond to trends and changes in the digital Transformation. Build smart workplaces design, upgrades, systems integration and consulting services this is with high levels of protection and quality of IT infrastructure management teams for project implementing and implementation of new technologies and systems as they.

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Migration to cloud

Our cloud infrastructure and services provide rapid penetration for virtualization between enterprise networks and meet the needs of unified network that supports several of devices, applications, efficiently provide superior collaboration and communication tools.
All supported by The World Media Telecom unified IT support teams associated with network security, managing multiple applications and devices.

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IT experts / cloud storage optimization

Cloud-based backup and synchronization services address the problems that organizations and individuals face in the context of their data management requirements. We help manage storage and backup business records, as well as personal information monitoring, troubleshooting and optimizing all your resources and applications across your entire technology stack, whether it’s on-premises data centers, or in the cloud.

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Global IT services & technology

We offer an extensive Global IT Services portfolio in different IT activities including: applications development (ADM), data center computing and operations, end-user computing (e.g., PCs and help desk), business continuity, disaster recovery, IT security, voice network management, and data network management.

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On Site IT support services

Help resolve problems faster, reduce downtime and improve user satisfaction and customer retention.
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Business telephony

Cloud-based telephony solution, an on-premises phone system or a hybrid of both, we offer expert advice on the best business phone services which offers greater flexibility, greater control, and lower cost of operation.
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Healthcare IT management

For high performance environment we understand the complexities of healthcare IT infrastructure and works collaboratively with your team to reduce threats, compliances and help make the right technology decisions to your entire operation.
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System integration

Complex contact center infrastructure solutions and IT services that helps in building a customized architecture and application, integrating hardware and custom software communications.
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Performance engineering

Highly skilled & trained consultants committed to deliver the right quality approach of engineering IT for performance, evaluate assess, and better understand a successful approach to end-to-end application performance and load testing by using application lifecycle management, security, monitoring project and portfolio optimization.
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IT outsource

Our flawless remote monitoring services to resolve issues with perfection before it becomes a threat.
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IT Education solutions

We design and support IT solutions for interactive and collaborative learning environment for the next generation classroom. Motivate students with tools that enable them to interact with the teacher and classmates. With educators facing a constant challenge balancing student need with district budget, we respond with services tailored to your needs and your budget.
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Assistance Center

Is your global support point of contact for post sales technical and network-related questions and issues on world Media Telecom.

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Support center

An easier way to manage your network

World Media Telecom offer IT management services, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for one monthly fee, a solid compensation strategy to help you attract great talent, retain key employees, motivate performance and maintain confidence your need to make compensation decisions for your business.

Proactive strategies/maximize uptime

Help protect your investment, mitigate potential risk and maximize uptime by identifies issues before they cause you big problems.

Verify backup monitoring

Helps build continuity & provides peace of mind monitoring backups with the use of automated reporting.

Enterprise Patch Management & security

We fix vulnerabilities in your software and applications; protect every endpoint- workstation, laptops, servers and more.

Detect hardware failure & Error Log Monitoring

Easy troubleshoot network device hardware failures using the power of log analyzer and network performance monitor.

Technology innovation support

Help us deliver next-generation products to improve customers affected systems with unlimited support to your business environment.

24/7 Monitoring

We monitor your critical systems 24/7, implement a process to update and manage the incident response plan per industry and organizational.

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