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Mobile Backhaul Applications

Unified solutions for critical segments, support business software, applications for your integration of satellite services across Mobile and fixed remote connectivity through Backhaul-high bandwidth.

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Increase reliability

Offer high speeds connections and support a variety of services.

Strong private networks

Provide broadband access to corporate campuses and other types of institutional.


Organizations can raise operational security standards by using backhauls. When a monitoring network breaks unexpectedly.

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Connectivity through Backhaul

Services available anywhere in the world Our unified IP-based architecture can handle a wide range of applications using centralized management that enables full provisioning, configuration, control and monitoring of all satellite hub elements, as well as remote terminals, regardless of their physical locations. Our systems and applications include remote location, site management and low bandwidth requirements for SCADA applications and real-time solutions that require higher bandwidth needs. We ensure effective service for maritime shipping, field communications for Oil & Gas, mining sites, farming, excavation sites, etc. and cost-effective means no matter where they are located.

Managing Critical Applications of Backhaul

Our backhaul services allows businesses to reduce operating costs, automate network and security protocols, to create a foundation for mobile video content and data usage, as well as the geospatial coverage and network extension for high-capacity connections by consolidating their existing network hardware and worldwide rollout of 5G Advantages of Backhaul Network Enabling wider public connectivity in a metropolitan areas network (MAN) Automate network and security operations Enables a true integration of 5G Support the connections and solve mobile networking and data applications Improve private networks Enhanced reliability, scalability, reduced latency, network devices Modernizing critical infrastructure, applications and robust security.

Unified network for telecom connectivity

Our global products solutions incorporate portfolio of multi-vendor virtualized satellite network GLT, iDR, and 5G managed services and a neutral host solution for DAS (Distributed Antenna System), as well as other wireless technologies which include a combination of different capacity and coverage for mobile networks. Each component fulfills its own role, but can also be integrated or interoperable with other components to provide ubiquitous seamless coverage, reduce month/Mbps costs bandwidth and allows users access services anywhere, anytime. To achieve the goal of interworking among various access technologies, DAS is a network of spatially separated antenna nodes connected to a common source via a transport system that provides wireless services within a geographical area or a building. DAS can be installed in buildings or even under certain conditions in outdoor premises, e.g., transport infrastructures to boost wireless signals inside them. They are often located within large facilities such as stadiums or company premises. Inteltel can deliver applications based on DAS and small cells and a benchmark for mobile coverage systems in areas of high attendance like large sports facilities, underground systems, hospitals, commercial malls, etc. The DAS and Small Cells systems are one of the core infrastructures that can adapt to the increasing changes of digital transformation and support 5G communications requirements and cost savings to our MNOs customer around the world.

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