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Satellite telephony wherever you are

Satellite telephony services to Any Location we meet the challenges keeping up with the speed of innovation your voice cloud data security with portable terminal and competitive prices.

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Global coverage

Global satellite mobility and variety of different methods related to business processes.


Our team of experts provides valuable input, especially when it comes to know-how in satellite technology.

High availability and 24x7 support

Covers all multifaceted elements of an organization, with SLAs support through a unified NOCs objective .

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Modern satellite phone rely on high performance network services

Inteltel operates advanced IP networks and services that deliver affordable communication devices for fixed and mobile satellites, securing data for many businesses and professionals. Our integrated solutions offer quick installation services that are portable and easy to use, consisting of lightweight terminals with long-lasting batteries that can be used permanently or temporarily for emergencies, and cover mobile network antennae’s in any remote parts of the World where a normal mobile phone would be usually unusable.

Range of dedicated services, for fixed, long-term, high data-rate requirements, through Rapid Site Set-up (RSS), Disaster Resilience (DR) portable terminals.

We have agreements with main satellite mobility providers and Enterprise Network Solutions across Africa and Middle East. The collaboration focus on satellite applications ranging from fixed- and rotary-wing mobility solutions for government emergency services, and from Software Defined Wide-Area-Networks (SD-WAN) for enterprises to broadband Internet access. Via our partners we extend global coverage of voice calls and data connections, with a portable terminal at competitive prices, and innovative services to meet broadband demand among small businesses, governments and enterprises. We provide complete backups, disaster recovery and restoration for high availability migration and endpoint protection.

An integrated approach to the Satellite Phone Service fully managed to address different technologies

Our satellite phone services capabilities enable organizations to overcome protocols that address different technologies including Inmarsat GSPS (IsatPhone), Iridium and Thuraya, complementing the BGAN Terrestrial-Mobile service defined in Terrestrial Mobility. We offer solutions that extend your global cellular coverage of voice calls and data connections with a portable terminal at competitive prices based in Thuraya. The geostationary satellites of Inmarsat and the LEO constellation of Iridium plays a vital role and provides global coverage across mobile, and fixed remote locations in real time easy to reach using Thuraya's reliability and our satellite network that enables users to stay connected via satellite anywhere inside our large coverage area that includes Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and works either with a Thuraya SIM card or with a GSM SIM card from any of our Thuraya roaming partners worldwide.

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