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Time for automotive digital transformation

We make it easy no matter the challenges are on your connected vehicle, our in-depth knowledge drive profitable and sustainable growth of mobility with automotive industry solutions.

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Effective solutions for carmakers, suppliers, dealerships and mobility.

Global connectivity

Connectivity integrated with technology and systems.

Simplifying customer experience

Improve efficiency, mobility and wide range of opportunities for business.

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Our solutions fully addresses the complex automotive industry requirements

Organizations can build teams with optimum membership while retaining the advantages of flat organizational structure, and solutions that address specific automotive industry needs, and access to previously unavailable expertise.

Enhanced cross-functional interaction and the use of systems that improve sustainable growth and the future of the mobility:

  • Connecting unconnected devices.
  • Carmaker and supplier and dealership.
  • Vehicle electrification.
  • Connected cars.
  • Mobility services.
  • Operational resilience.

How to stay competitive in the Automotive Industry

Benefits using IoT in the automotive industry is essentially for enterprise organizations to automate their enterprise communications services, voice network infrastructure and experience across multiple devices, locations .

How to drive profitable and sustainable growth in the dynamic world of mobility:

  • Enhanced in-vehicle experience by enjoying a range and infotainment systems, navigation solutions, telematics, driver assistance systems, etc.
  • Safer roads for drivers and pedestrians IoT enabled safety systems such as object recognition, pedestrian and lane detection, automatic braking systems Remote access to vehicle.
  • Remotely via a mobile app, users can easily get relevant information about their cars, such as fuel level or location in a parking lot.
  • Improved car maintenance The data collected from IoT sensors installed in vehicles can be analyzed to detect pre-failure car conditions, avoid malfunctions and reduce the cost of car maintenance.

Automotive digital transformation

How to increase function, mobility and connectivity for sustainable growth and value to your company, Inteltel automotive industry is the evolution of IoT where automotive and information technology works hand in hand to gain a competitive advantage through automation, cloud and real-time data that enables optimization of the car manufacturing process as well as more efficient transport management.

Explore solutions to deliver more value:

  • Collaboration solutions able to collect massive amounts of data at production sites.
  • Real-time processing and analysis of data helps car manufacturers improve the understanding and optimize the entire production process.
  • Help reshape safety and reduce losses.

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