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Cellular Backhaul services

Inteltel global satellite communications technologies extend your 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage and managed service for voice, video, data applications.

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Ability to deliver cost control, no matter how distant.

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Usage based pricing model with greater cost efficiency.

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Redundancy options for critical applications.

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Expanding coverage in Rural and Remote Locations

Intelligent access based on 3G / 4G / LTE / through 5G connecting everything global coverage via high performance connectivity that expand your reach through Inteltel high performance international bandwidth and IP MPLS services.
  • Designed to meet your needs for Satellite Dual-Mode
  • Wide coverage and broadcast
  • capabilities Provide ubiquitous seamless coverage,
  • Satellite Backhaul Connect a remote location using a local configuration to headquarters and beyond.
  • Satellite Only With broad range of high bandwidth options fully managed to address mobile and fixed remote.
Our services are available anywhere from Africa, Middle East, as well as North and Latin America, and Asia-Pacific including full support and 24/7 operation monitoring and data backup

Configuration, control and monitoring services

Multi-environments, operating systems, and application involving complex configuration ensure a perfect updated and structure for wide range of industries. Our unified IP-based architecture and specialized multi-vendor team can handle a wide range of applications using centralized management that enables full provisioning, configuration, control and monitoring of all satellite hub elements, as well as remote terminals, regardless of their physical locations, this helps simplify services fulfillment, allows quick and easy configuration of each service as well as performance, monitoring and traffic usage reports.
Fully Managed Backhaul Service include:
  • Network Design Plus 24x7 Support
  • Supports 4G / 5G / IoT
  • Covers 99% of World’s Populated Areas
  • IP Optimization and Acceleration
  • Dynamic Allocation of Bandwidth
  • Meets QoS and QoE Requirements
  • Fiber-like Experience for End-users

Innovative model and low- cost efficiency

Inteltel can quickly deliver backhaul connectivity in the most challenging environments, our team of experts can creates tailored ad-hock or turnkey solutions for delivering a vast array of cost-effective and reliable satellite backhaul service, layer bandwidth for regions or applications with high-density traffic, as well as for critical applications where redundancy is required. With minimal CAPEX. Since the requirement for satellite equipment at cell sites is minimal, the cost of satellite backhaul is mostly OPEX, which is determined by the amount of bandwidth required to support a network of cell sites. A single pool of satellite capacity can provide backhaul to multiple cell sites based on average usage per site, while also supporting peak usage. Inteltel provided a fully managed, end-to-end satellite backhaul service that enabled the MNO to provide 4G coverage in all their rural site locations, our solution included network design consultation; a dedicated managed services team, as well as a network operations center (NOC) located in USA providing 24/7 support.

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Feature Services

Configuration, control and monitoring and services satellite hub elements, anywhere across the globe

Our multi-environments, operating systems, and application involving complex configuration ensure a perfect updated and structure for wide range of industries such as banking and payment services, mining and Oil & Gas, energy, TELCO, agricultural, logistic & transportation, government, healthcare, retailing, OTT, etc.

Real-world satellite connections

Satellite Dual Mode

Satellite Only

Satellite Backhaul


Approach to security-driven wireless coverage and delivers a best in class Support, transport and performance.

End-to-end solutions high-bandwidth demands across mobile and fixed remote locations that provide seamless coverage in real time Easy reach using SIM card-based solution.

An integrated approach to network management helps to improve data management from remote locations, support Remote wireless networks and provides voice, message and Data services

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