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Business Overview

World Media Telecom based IP communications technology deliver connectivity and managed service for voice, video, data applications and makes it feasible for mobile network operators to offer services in areas that are impossible or prohibitively expensive to reach using world-class mega data centers, personalized complex tools and integrated applications that run on top of infrastructure, and effectively adapt to the increasing changes of critical situation and support hubs and routers, to match the requirements of our customers.

We help solve complex IT critical challenges and successfully respond to trends and changes in the digital transformation, systems integration and consulting services. This is with high levels of protection and quality of IP services offerings.

The Evolution of Information Technology is making in the workplace

The workplace is adopting many empowering environments: databases for information management, spreadsheets for modeling, and computer-aided design systems for manufacturing. And word processors with embedded spelling checkers, thesauruses, outliners, text analyzers, and graphics tools are driving the evolution of a new field

World Media Telecom Network Operation Center (NOC)

World Media Telecom Network Operation Center (NOC) services via a 24 by 7 IT support team. By leveraging industry-network monitoring tools, our IT professionals can provide support all the way down to the application layer. Have specific questions? Give us a call right now at 212 470 8776

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    The Inteltel Rational approach to modernizing and leveraging existing core system applications is based on project strategies

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