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What Can IoT and Big Data Do for You?

Your organization can lean on our expertise; together we will come up with a road map to empower you and turn your data into insight and achieve both qualitative and quantitative benefits. Improved performance management, real-time operational visibility, reduced maintenance costs, and overall business intelligence

The World Media Telecom Managed IoT Connectivity Platform adding cellular connectivity to you IoT and provide a high-level visibility and control of your devices anywhere within our global footprint, transfer data between the ’thing‘ that collects data and the gateway that processes it (or sends it over the internet to another platform).

Business Analytics

World Media Telecom business analysis is the process of analyzing big data analytics for decision-making purposes. Predictive analytics is an important aspect of our work as it involves building modern data analytics architectures, by using overall health of an organization to evaluate the performance as well as monitoring tools for data management

Product Components

On-Premises Deployment

Based on your company resources and capabilities, we help you set up on-premises infrastructure.

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Big Data as a Service

You can select pay-per-use cloud-based tools as per your requirements.

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We choose the right tools that meet your requirements.

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Data Science as a Service

You can hire our Data Scientists on demand as per your requirements.

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Data Science Projects

Our experienced Data Scientists help you set up projects, create project plan, and bring it to a successful closure.

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You can rely on your data for your decisions only if your data is complete and accurate. We have mechanisms to ensure you have quality data.

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We help you define policies and data governance model for the effective management of your data assets.

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Understanding your existing data is critical in deciding a strategy for your data source. We understand what kind of data is available, its origin, collection,...

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We leverage bulk messaging capability to deliver the indented message to the target audience.

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We analyze location, behavioral, and demographics details to deliver personalized content to the identified audience.

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