Product Benefits

Simplified Deployment

Simplified deployment and seamless transition ensuring that virtualized network platforms will be simpler to operate than what exists today.

Centralized Configurations

Network Functions are software-based Multiple roles over same hardware. Remote operation Dynamic Extremely easy to scale Scalable number of virtual machines.

Centralized Policy

Management Context-aware user policies with increasing variety of proprietary hardware appliances in addition to the complexity of integrating and deploying appliances in a network.

Greater flexibility to scale up, scale down or evolve services at lower risk.

Help achieving high performance virtualized network functions which are portable among different hardware vendors, and different virtualization support systems Organizations reach successful capabilities with improvements and innovative experiences whether you are manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, a healthcare organization, or a service provider with worldwide presence.

Network Virtualization is the bridge to Digital Transformation

Global reach capabilities and secure network solutions across all industries
enables organizations overcome complexity, to deliver innovative experience
where and when customers need them.

Product Components

Virtual Network Services

Reinvent your organization for WAN edge infrastructure with Networks of the future involving different technologies cohabiting into digital integration and tra...

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Which means software-defined wide area network can be referred to as an enterprise network to boost the efficiency of internet transport systems or WAN connect...

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Tech Consulting

Our Technology consulting helps you better align IT and information security, assist in assessing project risks and control, comply with regulatory matters, en...

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Managed IT Services

Our Cloud IT Infrastructure projects for superior service help you in analyzing data and using it to drive value, regardless of the underlining infrastructure,...

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Cloud Security

Our cloud solutions are safe and secure and help preventing unauthorized access and threat with easy access to applications that are necessary for business decisions

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Cyber Security Management

New technology associated with network security, prevent, protect and effectively adapt to the increasing business changes in today’s most pressing security challenges

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Global Private Connectivity

A secure dedicated private and high-performance connection between your local and global offices.

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Global Public Connectivity

The larger connections can be further partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces, which provide the flexibility to access public resources like S3 object and EC2 instances within the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using private IP space.

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On-Premise Connectivity

Innovation service built-in connectivity and integration driven by high business capacity and high level of security.

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WAN / Cloud

WMT allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying flexible deployment models that can overlay any existing environment.

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