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Managed Network Services

Enabling high-performance and meeting the requirements
Of the most demanding enterprises requirement

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Improved business collaboration across the enterprise ecosystem

Inteltel telecom wide reaching Dynamic Network Services is designed to give customers more choice, security, resilience, and agility in the roll-out of our networks based on the latest SDN and NFV technologies.

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Global Business Services to Improve Collaboration
across the Enterprise Ecosystem

We integrate data insights with our expert knowledge to offer a portfolio of end-to-end data transport solutions such as
broadband connectivity, WIFI, voice, Cybersecurity and IP infrastructure solutions.
These are ideal for connecting your multiple locations business worldwide.

Managed connectivity

Focus on several connectivity-related services Broadband, Ethernet, cellular business tools to support workforce with remote work solutions.

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Managed WIFI

Extended flexibility access and support WIFI performance while minimizing cost and removing the burden from internal IT teams.
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Managed business class routers

Help to improve performance and connectivity supporting hardware, software and router configuration.
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Managed Network security

Integrated antivirus Internet security to block potential threats before reaching the network.
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Managed voice

Supports a variety of phone models, VoIP technology and covers your needs from equipment, installation, monitoring and control.
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Data protection

Our focus is protecting business information, processes and customer data from unpredictable events.
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IT deployment services & technology

We can coordinate your entire rollout from initial site survey and analysis to end-user support Including equipment’s, installation, configuration, and running, testing, and making necessary changes.
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Features & options

Managed services & performance

Managed Network Services in a Software-Defined transformation includes outsourcing Inteltel Telecom IT services through availability integrated software tools. These optimize network management. Hence new services can be easily provisioned across multi-vendor enterprise networks. Thousands of devices and workflows can be accessed from any of your multiple locations around the world.

Consultative approach

Consultative approach along with design and implementation of selected collaboration services supporting large scale applications across the entire network infrastructure. We design, configure and manage your service using Inteltel Telecom equipment, which is backed by our support center, repair and replacement warranty.

Increase agility & services

Increase efficiency and ensures the highest level of end user satisfaction when accessing applications and devices. We supplied & support CPE devices, such as Cisco, Accedian, Fortinet, ADTRAN and Cradlepoint. Help connect routers, switches, wireless access points, surely reducing costs.

Proactive monitoring

Inteltel Telecom Proactive monitoring services include information technology to understand and monitor how services are performing. We are identifying 7 days a week, 24 hours a day potential areas of risk. Monitoring applies to applications, networks, security, computers and data centers operation.

Managed connectivity & devices

Practical and highly secure services to achieve quick and reliable network integration to your company high capability WAN. This grants unique requirement connectivity, manages WiFi and provides a secure network access for employees across business locations to meet your business needs.

Potential benefits

Managed services & performance

Advanced management

Our policy is based on connecting your multiple locations with network that can integrate high data traffic demands, and real-time resource allocation to the managed network partners.
We bring solution that can scale your transmission capacity from 2Gps up to 100 Gbps.

Efficiency & competitiveness

Hiring & training and IT staff can be very expensive, and temporary employees don’t always live up to your expectations.
By outsourcing, you can focus on human resources where you need the most.

Global reach & support

Secure endpoints around the globe, so you can take your network connectivity wherever your business needs to go.
We provide 24/7 support/Network Operation Centers in the USA, Europe and Africa.

Related services

Advanced Security

A solid foundation to your business, making sure your network, data and devices are accessible, with the ability to provision security features.

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MPLS has more sophisticated ability to control network dynamics and greater scalability then carrier Ethernet.
Both have advantages in cost reduction per bit of data as compared to traditional transport mechanisms.

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Global SD-WAN

We assess applications of digital transformation on the impact, these changes have on the enterprises WAN and understand how to improve and how to manage SD-WAN service.

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LAN Services

LAN infrastructure requires considerable staff and financial resources.
If your business operates multiple computers, local area networks are unable to perform and offer high expectation for your business.

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Dedicated Internet

High quality connectivity Tier 1 and Tier 2 IP transit, CDN and Co-location services.
We offer 24-7 technical support available to the Inteltel telecom multiple users around the world.

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Why choose Inteltel telecom managed services

Improving enterprise processes with managed services for which the IT services are provided, to better meet business needs

A unique management perspective on specific technical issues with the most significant business ramifications Includes new material on key technology topics such as open source, wireless, handheld, and IT outsourcing. Moreover updated coverage of e-commerce, remote access, intranets, and LAN /WAN management.
Improving enterprise managed services.

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