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Cloud approach-based networking

Fast, reliable and secure applications access

Help simplify operations, reduce IT overhead and prioritize virtualization between enterprise networks and meet the needs of unified network that supports several of devices, applications, collaboration and communication tools.

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Network virtualization

Increase function, efficiency, and ensure security for multi-cloud environments

Optimize performance

Improve application resiliency from various data centers to operate as single logical cloud and applications to many locations and connect to resources

Workload migration

Migrate workloads faster, low-touch process more responsive to changing demands of the business, protect customers data and ensure long-term loyalty.

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Cloud-based Networking Services
Multi-cloud management

Whether your organization requires cloud-based on-premise or hybrid solutions, our IT management teams bring consistency that can help implement the right solution, optimize your business process that speeds services delivery while streamlining cloud operations

Multi-Cloud Management

Highly efficient, automated, and virtualized, enable hybrid IT management operations to become more capable for quickly adapting and continually evolving business needs and requirements
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Managed Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Improve availability, optimize information flow while reducing the expense of self –managed infrastructure with options for single-and multitenant infrastructure on-or off-premises
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Cloud Migration Services

Innovative and broad set of technology delivery through a hybrid cloud, the Inteltel platform can help implement the right solution, optimize your enterprise application and data process, identify vulnerabilities and respond to cyber threats faster
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The technology behind our Multi-Cloud Networking capabilities

An end-to-end solution with service levels guaranteed, connectivity and cost savings enable data centers across geographic boundaries, both integrate your customer and support business operations

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Technology behind our Multi-Cloud Networking capabilities

An end-to-end service with service levels guaranteed, connectivity and cost savings enable data
centers across geographic boundaries, both integrate your customer and support business operations

Cloud Application Development Services

We offer integrated portfolio of innovative design, build platform and mobile applications with cloud mobile back-end services and deliver transparent and cost savings across enterprise multi-cloud networking, help integrate your customer service or support operations

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An agile approach to Healthcare

Help achieve better health systems interoperability and ensure empowerment of teams and speed as the most important agile principles

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Powering Our Customers’ Success

How to move your business to the next level of IT productivity and profitability

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The rapid evolution of cloud technology

In today's market, the speed at which you can input and receive accurate, up-to-date information is a major contributor to your business. Cloud solutions are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications and to impact business decisions.

Multi-cloud strategy

Organizations that do not have a high-level cloud strategy driven by their business strategy will significantly increase their risk of failure and wasted investment.

The cloud computing

The options and combinations are expanding to fit each company need. Cloud computing represents one of the most misunderstood, yet valuable, innovations in current IT and business strategies.

Planning for cloud providers

More and more organizations is finding themselves juggling multiple cloud providers—some through careful planning, but many by happenstance. Regardless of their journey, many companies are asking, “what now?”

The challenges/hybrid & multi-cloud

The challenges that hybrid and multiple clouds, ML/AI-permeated world pose to IT leaders are inspiring the next generation of cloud capabilities. Adopting a multi-cloud strategy can allow companies to move beyond the challenges of working with multiple cloud providers and make most of the benefits

How to move your business to the next level of IT

With cloud networking, IT teams can assess business needs and modify capacity as the needs arise. This is usually a seamless process in hybrid multi-cloud platform built on enterprise open source and open standards, can securely integrate, manage and govern workloads, applications and data across any cloud vendor and traditional IT infrastructure. Learn more

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