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IntelTel Colocation services

We provide organizations with data center space, network connectivity, and security services necessary for the operation of IT infrastructure

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From one cabinet to multiple megawatts, colocation facilities server cooling systems, power and communication systems that ensure constant connection

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Offering full service IT and high density options, deploy, maintain and troubleshoot your equipment

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Third party housing privately-owned servers and networking equipment hourly or monthly full-service management to meet your infrastructure needs.in an off-site data center

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Connectivity of Data Center & Colocation Services

IntelTel provides IT infrastructure for data centers, with option for full and half cabinets, data suites, and connections up to 100 gigabytes per second include whole suite of cloud solutions like IaaS, Backup and Disaster Recovery to help organizations achieve their desired goals through a hybrid cloud architecture. Our colocation data center and cloud experts are available to discuss how IntelTel can help you improve resiliency and achieve your data center and cloud objectives.Data Center & Colocation Facilities Info sheet

Colocation for businesses of all sizes - whether it is digital file storage for work, education or socialization

Small businesses can obtain the features of IntelTel IT department without a large investment. Medium to larger-sized organizations can expand their data storage capacity without undertaking costly construction or facility leasing. Our Colocation services allow businesses to store equipment in a secure facility with bandwidth, power and a public IP address supplied by IntelTel or third-party service provider.

Advanced Services

For a company looking to build its own on-premises data center, IntelTel service Includes data center that offers both colocation and cloud computing solutions. Our partnership with data center and colocation prodders allow us to offers data center, cloud, network services and resources includes installing fiber, buying hardware, installing cooling resources, maintenance, 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting, and disaster recovery.

We help maintain your infrastructure, by choosing a solid colocation facility a great way to augment your approach to IT, with a variety of complimentary services, including remote hands, enhanced security, advanced monitoring, infrastructure migrations, managed connectivity to customer-operated on-premise infrastructure, and managed links to third-party cloud platforms including, but not limited to, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure

Explore the benefits of data center as a service Monitoring and management

On-premises IT infrastructure supports for large companies data and computing requirements, world-class service that can also help organizations such-as startups and small business turn to data center as a service and support their IT infrastructure needs.

full set of communication tools that work together seamlessly, you can choose the right tool at the right time to help facilitate the right type of collaboration. IntelTel colocation and data center in different locations worldwide coverage give you a competitive advantage of analyzing your business needs and the benefits of each deployment method, when contemplating a move between both clouds or on-premise deployment. If you are still having trouble figuring out how to pick the best solution for your company, contact us today and we’d be happy to discuss the right option for you.

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