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Solution partners with leading manufactures we offer you the best equipment in the business, managing major projects, equipment and software for your IT infrastructure

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Fast delivery and flexible payment term

Manage hardware and software from supplier in one system, including tools, equipment utilization and cut unnecessary costs.

Inventory and track your equipment

Digitize equipment inspections and quickly resolve IT and technology needs.

Understand the value of your equipment

Increased cost-savings, efficiency and compliance, as well as minimized projects downtime.

Why choose us?

We’re your IT infrastructure solution partners, we run your entire project to offer you the best equipment in the business

Selecting the right equipment for a project is crucial when it comes to budget, timelines, and execution. Our equipment managers have the quality and tools to provide a customized solutions with the best products to renew your IT infrastructure, and the delivery process for dealer, manufactures and unify your systems integrator and certifications.

Optimize your technology process for growth

We can optimize your approach and covers the acquisition of your IT infrastructure, the configuration of the equipment and develop an effective strategy and connectivity to increase product innovation, and ensure the reinstallation or migration of applications and data to provides a turnkey solution that covers the service as well as the new equipment and management.

See how IntelTel integration can power you organization

IntelTel Global solutions allows us to rapidly unlock the data, develop, deploy and manage containerized integration applications across any environment, and achieve greater flexibility from underlying services. This reduces maintenance costs by eliminating dependence on your renew equipment’s, management software while ensuring secure access to your systems

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