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IntelTel public clous solutions are built and priced to cope with peak demand, new functions and capabilities into multi-cloud environments

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Accessibility anywhere

Ease of use. Here is no physical infrastructure to set up and manage; it's simple and fast to start using public cloud services.

Predictable costs

Our teams are experts at solving business challenges and helping you Navigate complexity. Only pay for the resources you need with minimal upfront fees.

Centralized data security

Tools are available for regular checkpoints performance objectives, applications and data security

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Optimize your migrate to the public cloud

Different requirements for different applications. Software-Defined WANs (SD-WANs) is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology which enables direct reliable and secure connectivity towards multiple clouds via IntelTel cloud gateway that include applications such as broadband internet, 5G, LTE, or MPLS, to connects enterprise networks, branch offices and data centers and over large geographic distances.

Cloud partner Strategy services

We offer Cloud computing in three service models (the well-known terms of Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service) and four deployment models (Public, Private, Community and Hybrid).
We simplifying complexity – Advice, architect, design, integrate, deploy, govern, optimize, and manage every aspect of your public cloud solution. As your organization moves data intensive applications and workflows off-premises and onto the cloud. Our experts and system integrators will partner to provide a solution depending on the data, the security and management desired. Our Cloud Strategy Roadmap provides IT leaders with actionable insights to three major public cloud services AWA, GCP, and Microsoft’s Azure.

How to protect your cloud data and reduce the risk of digital transformation

Protect your environment with IntelTel Solutions that offers secure protection across a reliable infrastructure services to host users apps and data, while simultaneously promoting organizations with traditional on-premises applications new technologies and architectures.
Help driven market opportunity to customers value-based costing, cloud ready delivering innovative solutions and integration potential with easier deployment into broader set of ISV partners

Strategic partner portfolio and product development that drives business and competitive advantage

Solutions based on building partner resources, meet customers fluctuating demand and address competitive gaps that can help clients take a more strategic approach to the business, and develop solution maps to resolve and convey product and partnerships, direct partner recruitment efforts with a cloud platform service capabilities to open new areas of opportunity from strategic planning, audience analysis and managing operational change

Technology implementation with product development

Flexible and customizable solutions ISWs transformation with on-premises applications must assess product and partner extensions, run effectively in an Infrastructure as a Service environment or implement a hybrid approach that lets customers/partners tap into on-premises data via a cloud integration tier. Our multi-cloud specialists work with you to design and implement the setup that meets your exact needs and the engineering effort required before resolving your partners strategy

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