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Virtualization transforms the way data center operates

To the provision of Inteltel cloud service you can achieve a design that facilitates direct linkage with in-house mission-critical IT systems, and hosting services

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Increasing efficiency and productivity

Allows organizations to consume IT services on a pay-as-you-go pricing scheme, and you can add resources and pay for them on demand.

Enterprise mobility

Remote monitoring and management tools optimize user ability to remotely access client networks, servers or computers.

Significant cost savings

Increased cost-savings, efficiency, productivity, security, compliance and mobility, as well as minimized downtime.

Why choose us?

A virtual data center management strategy that allow organizations to simplify virtualization administration & provide deeper visibility into the virtual stack

Best-In-Class Performance for business grow, network management, infrastructure and cloud applications covering a suite of large-scale of secure services that improve policy configuration, visibility for both physical and virtual assets.
Partnering is an important aspect of delivering a Virtual Data Center services and we are committed to establishing the best relationships on behalf of our existing and future customers

The key benefits of security using advanced data management and analytics from sensor to datacenter

Our Virtual Data Center services are designed to optimize information flow, lower organizational risk and increase operational efficiencies through self-control, entire scalable dedicated cloud created in a highly secure reliable single tenant Data Center environment which include hybrid integration, and guarantee the security of your data. Our Virtual Data Center services offers collective business agility, flexible cloud backup support built to ensure data protection requirements of your services, and even prepare your systems while overcoming or mitigating the issues associated with traditional data protection methodologies.

Inteltel Products & solutions for Data Center Virtualization

Our Virtual Data Center solution is fully virtualized; software defined and highly automated providing consistent infrastructure and application delivery across a hybrid cloud environment, that enable your business while giving you peace of mind you’re in safe hands to achieve a direct linkage with in-house mission-critical systems toward a fully virtualized software-defined data center architecture.
We can provide complete life-cycle management, helping plug resource by reducing infrastructure costs such as compute, storage, and network services through a self-service portal. With IaaS, IT services are delivered as a subscription service, eliminating up-front costs and driving down ongoing support costs.

What is Data Center Virtualization?

Data center virtualization is a versatile infrastructure management solution, which presents features for various types of users. Organizations can use compute virtualization to minimize server while enhancing resource utilization. Network virtualization abstracts network resources from the physical hardware. It allows IT administrators to migrate workloads easily across data centers independently of the physical hardware.

Optimizing the Virtualization

Inteltel differentiates itself by its operational assessments, assisting customers and offers services that help companies and institutions deploy and allocate virtualized, cloud-based resources and detailed operational assessment to help ensure that the business and operations processes have been properly aligned to support the virtual infrastructure.

Inteltel Virtualization services depending on specific workloads and business requirement includes

  • Server Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network and Virtualization
  • Infrastructures based on IP PBX and different VoIP systems
  • Signal number office that all users can dial to make PSTN calls or mobile calls
  • Cloud Management
  • Private & Hybrid Cloud

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