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Bandwidth Scalability

Super fast, features multiple bandwidth options to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees around the world.

Cost reductions

Web browsing, e-mail and other online activities to increase labor productivity and lower cost.

Improved communication

Broadband networks enable real-time communication through e-mail, instant messaging, VoIP and more.

Business Broadband with several
high-speed transmission technologies

We offer bandwidth on demand Both ISDN and frame relay services with the potential to replace the service to dedicated leased lines such as T1 lines. Our basic rate ISDN has two 64-Kbit/sec B channels that can be combined into a single 128-Kbit/sec channel using bandwidth-on-demand techniques for corporate users, a worldwide-switched digital services over an ISDN backbone that provides bandwidth on demand. Including special access high capacity service, OCN services, and Gigabit Ethernet, private line services.

Why choose us?

Wide range of broadband access technologies with high-speed connection that transmits and receives data at a rate of 256 Kbps, or more, including asymmetrical Ethernet, broadband business, fiber optics, or copper lines, wireless, cable, DSL and satellite to match your bandwidth demands and budget-friendly price points.

Choose broadband speeds, plans, and technologies for your business that allows for continuous connection to the Internet via multiple types of technologies.

Asymmetrical Ethernet

Enabling global reach to more customers anywhere, any device, great for business performance applications, such as Voice over IP, (VoIP) services, run your Internet or leverages common copper wiring to transmit higher bandwidths with successful deployment of demanding critical converged high performance applications network

Cable Business Internet

It works across fast and secure connectivity and offer cost-effective option for cable business internet services that delivers a range of scalable transfer speeds that is available extensively throughout the United States.
Wherever your office is located, we have high-speed solution available for your business.

Broadband Business Fiber

High speed access over 100% fiber optic offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, will never slow down your connection all of your bandwidth is available at all time, and connect multiple locations on secure private network
Free monitoring with 24/7 tech support always-available phone or chat assistance is live or automated and often on-site technicians are accessible

Dedicated ADSL

High-speed access with affordable dedicated bandwidth, Ideal for businesses that have higher downstream than upstream traffic demands, such as customers that heavily use off-premises server and services or have no servers on premises; customers with non-mission critical applications; branch offices that access applications from headquarters; and remote office locations that upload limited amounts of content. Extremely reliable with 99.99% SLA guarantees

Business Broadband and Phone

Whether you work in the office or at home, we offer a competitive business packages with great-value landline and fiber broadband

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Explore Business Broadband Technologies

We host enterprise-class infrastructures that offer a scalable computing environment to enterprise customers, at a much lower marginal cost due to the sharing nature of resources you need to stay connected to your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.

Business Systems Consulting

Committed to deliver the right quality approach of engineering IT for performance, evaluation of assess, and better understand a successful approach

Broadband Network failover connection

Advanced console servers with multiple broadband ports (such as dual Ethernet) can be configured to offer broadband failover. In the event of a disruption to the main network connection, access will switched transparently to the standby network connection. And when the main network connection is restored, access is switched back.

Management of Hardware from other Service Provider Networks

Inteltel delivers network-based services, applications, and equipment to enterprises, residences, remotely monitors servers, firewalls, and Exchange servers, Active Directory Servers, routers or switches from a central location.

Inteltel extensive domestic footprint

Combined with our new low cost structure, enable us to transfer another provider quicker and easier than you may think while passing savings on to their end users at more affordable prices than ever before.

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Cyber Security & Vulnerability

Our range of security features includes firewalls, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

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Global LAN

Range of services options, which enables data communications among local resources within an organization.

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WAN Multi-Cloud

Support successful digital transformation initiatives by following cloud first principles and allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying flexible deployment models that can overlay any existing environment.

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Global SD-WAN

Support successful digital transformation initiatives, SD-WAN Can identify network traffic by application, user, or the source/destination and treat it differently.

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Global VPN

Global network interconnection increase confidence, trust, engagement and secure access to all your internal and cloud-based resources.

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Broadband Internet access

High-speed connection that can transmits and receives data at a rate of 256 Kbps, or more, and allows for a continuous connection to the internet.

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Dedicated Internet Access

Fast and reliable access across Inteltel IP-based network with global reach available over any access method option or sizes.

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Experience Rural Broadband Solutions

A bridge to digital revolution across IntelTel networking solutions

This is a cost effective solution to extend users coverage and visibility to you multiple business locations seeking an independent commmunications network to connect a large number of geographically dispersed sites, as well as devices

Broadband over power lines (BPL)

BPL is the transmission of data over existing electrical wire using frequencies outside the range of AC power and special networking equipment to translate electrical signals into data. This emerging technology is available in very limited areas. It has significant potential because power lines are installed virtually everywhere, alleviating the need to build new broadband facilities for every customer.

BPL speeds are comparable to DSL and cable modem speeds, and can be provided to homes using existing electrical connections and outlets.

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