Features redundancy and Backup Power through IP based routing and Ethernet data communications between cloud, data center and various sites locations, high capability WAN for unique requirement connectivity.

Ethernet E-Line E-LAN



Flexibility with all you access a lower price for your Ethernet service, with all the privacy, security, and bandwidth you need, free installation and equipment.


From our high-capacity network that enable business to grow and expand operations, get started risk-free with our 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.


99.99% guaranteed uptime. We manage all aspects, so you have more time for your core business, constant monitoring and faster resolution with free Proactive Monitoring. Service guarantees cover installation, availability, and repair.

Why choose us?

Practical and highly secure Ethernet solution that achieve fast reliable network integration to your company multiple locations, high capability WAN for unique requirement connectivity and quickly meet your business needs. Inteltel reliable Tier 1, MPLS enabled our network engineers to deliver Ethernet networking solutions to carry your mission critical data across our global network, giving secure access to interconnects new capabilities that drive business.

Great options for cloud, data center, whether it’s point-to-point, hub and spoke, or a full mesh Virtual Private Network (VPN), various network devices within home, buildings, across town, and network protocol that controls how data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN) and high capability WAN.


For businesses needing higher bandwidth capacity, Inteltel Ethernet solutions is a great option. It’s a network protocol that controls how data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN).

LAN technology is the most widely installed as it covers small areas such as rooms and offices. However, with the expansion of Ethernet into the carrier world, many companies with multiple locations,and great distances apart, can now connect easily too.

In contrast to the LAN, a wide area network (WAN) spans much larger geographical areas.

Connect and control your entire operation with Inteltel Next-gen Ethernet LAN

Ethernet standard, which provides a range of interfaces for varying length and throughput requirements, fully mesh all of your sites into a virtual private LAN cloud. Ethernet Point-to-Point connects your offices and data center locations with VLAN based connectivity. Flexible topology Private line, hub and spoke with reliable & secure data transport. Our network protocol controls how data is transmitted over a local area network (LAN) connecting to over 216 markets throughout 50+ countries, a hyper scale to helps you Secure Data Transmission, handle more data, more bandwidth, more endpoints, and bigger workloads such as VoIP traffic, pensive financial data, shared applicants, trading informant, video files and replicated data.

Extend your business operation to any location and connect

Our business Ethernet solutions include dedicated point-to-point Ethernet Private Line (EPL) or virtual point-to-point (EVPL), and E-LAN services.

Our network management, integrated advanced security capabilities with real-time network insights, and the power to control it from anywhere. High capability WAN for unique requirement connectivity quickly meet your business needs efficiency around various site locations, enabling global reach to more customers anywhere, any device, great for business performance applications, such as Voice over IP, (VoIP) services, run your Internet or leverages common copper wiring to transmit higher bandwidths with successful deployment of demanding critical converged high performance applications network.

Choose which solution fits your business?

We offer several ways to achieve multi-site connectivity and higher bandwidth with efficient connectivity to increases hyper scale data centers transition to faster, flatter, and more scalable network architectures, such as the 2-tier, maximize connectivity between servers, hardware efficiency for multi client connections.

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Features and Specs

Ethernet overview

  • A Inteltel offer includes an expansive Ethernet over Copper coverage throughout the U.S.
  • Includes and provides Symmetrical Speeds up to 1 Gbps. Symmetrical Bandwidth means you get the same speeds up load and download which is very important if you transfer files in both directions.
  • Includes dedicated bandwidth which means the IP address is always the same and new. Your address is static and never changes.
  • Your line is for you only for your business use only and not shared with other nearby businesses.
  • Highly Scalable
  • Keeps up with constant demands for increasing bandwidth, usually without cost truck roll or change CPE.
  • SLA guarantees 99.99% uptime for symmetrical bandwidth, which improves to 100% with Proactive Monitoring and Failover services (optional)
  • Affordable pricing that saves your business 50% and an immediate (ROI) Return On Investment.
  • Over comparable T1 service will pay for itself in one month.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Lower-cost, asymmetrical bandwidth options with speeds up to 50x10 Mbps are also available for locations with greater downstream bandwidth demands, such remote offices that use non-mission critical applications that do not have servers site.


  • Inteltel offers Ethernet fiber, Ethernet over copper, T1, Private line, MPLS, Dedicated Internet, 24x7 monitoring and management of your network to help ensure maximum performance, backed by Service Level Agreements for both switched and dedicated Ethernet.


  • Ethernet is extended from your local area network to the metropolitan area network and across the wide area network, supporting simplified networking solutions around the globe. We can deliver enhanced capabilities and covers Layer 1 physical network, and Layer 2 and 3 data transmission including core and edge backbone capacity and aggregation, IP Transit, and last-mile access. Also looks at bilateral and peering arrangements.


  • With committed Ethernet data rates, you have virtually seamless control of networking applications with a simple, consistent transport technology across local, metropolitan, or wide area networks. Our Ethernet solutions adjust to changing bandwidth needs in real time for greater visibility, connectivity, control using Inteltel cost saving next gen architecture to interconnects new capabilities that drive business.


  • Secure data traffic by using dedicated private connections and controlling your routing, Integration of a fully managed 24/7/365 support service for all IT infrastructure

Add-on features - Network Transport

  • Ethernet generally used as the name IEEE 802.3.It is also used for addressing and media access control at the data link layer. We can create a widest LAN technology by combination of twisted pair cable or coaxial cable for connectivity to end system along with fiber optic as a backbone.

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