Global LAN

Help simplify your organization operating environment and efficiencies through
Inteltel secured network management

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Remote Access & Control

Connectivity that drive business while Delivering customer and employee experiences from smart phones, tablets or laptops via the Inteltel wireless network control – anytime from anywhere.


Powerful tools are available using cloud and so ftware-defined networking techniques combined with automation and AI.

Globally Available & Secure

Complexity and global unify risk solutions through highly secured fixed and mobile networks and data center connectivity.

Why choose us?

Our approach going forward is for every aspect of the network to interoperate
coherently and intelligently, no matter what their proprietary origin

Managed LAN solution

Extends enterprises networking and infrastructure management using managed WAN Service to the LAN and wireless LAN (WLAN) equipment.

Innovation across Global LAN and Wireless LAN

We build infrastructures that meet today and tomorrow’s business demands. Provides a range of scalable and secure global network infrastructure with collaboration services in support of large-scale applications while delivering customer and employee experiences, extends data segmentation in networking from the LAN Edge to the Inteltel Global Backbone.

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Cyber Security & Vulnerability

Our range of security features includes firewalls, gateway anti-virus, intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.

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Global LAN

Range of services options, which enables data communications among local resources within an organization.

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WAN Multi-Cloud

Inteltel allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying flexible deployment models that can overlay any existing environment.

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Global SD-WAN

A central controller that establishes network wide-policies and determines roles for each network devices under management.

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Global VPN

Global network interconnection increase confidence, trust, engagement and secure access to all your internal and cloud-based resources.

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Virtual Remote Access

Advanced secure network collaboration across your diverse employees and customers.

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Customized Network Services

This is customized high quality network and IP services offerings by Inteltel.

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