Connecting you everywhere around the world

High-speed Internet access, Ethernet transport and colocation services, our Tier 1 facilities-based IP networks
provide the scalability and network reach that enables us to offer large bandwidth connections at highly competitive prices



Access to our high-performance network that meet the requirements of the most demanding enterprises, multiple private and geographically diverse Tier-1 Internet connections ranging bandwidth from 50Mbps to 10 Gbps, keeps up with constant demands for increasing bandwidth, usually without cost truck roll or change CPE.


Our Bandwidth on Demand solution allows you to upgrade bandwidth. SLA guarantees 99.99% uptime for symmetrical bandwidth, which improves to 100% with Proactive Monitoring and Failover services (optional. Affordable pricing, easy installation that saves your business 50% and an immediate (ROI) Return On Investment.

Security & Support

Our team of specialists helps solve the complexity of your deployment, and ensure the reliability and performance needed to run multiple layers protection, path protection, dual entrance, dual equipment, for added resiliency. DDoS protection: add-option, proactive monitoring of your network traffic - 24/7 coverage from our local US security experts

Our Internet Portfolio services

IP Transit

Tier 1 IP Network built using IP and optical technology and connected to over 7,569 AS
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Ethernet Dedicated Internet Access

World-class service
Carrier-grade Internet and SLA Fiber
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A high-speed connection that transmits and receives data at a rate of 256 Kbps, or more, and offers wide range of broadband access technologies.
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Why choose us?

Extend you business operation to any location with 5G networks, real-time analytics, high level control
and asset monitoring services in more than170 countries worldwide.

Network performance

Inteltel’s IP network is the network nodes, peering PoPs includes diver redundant paths connects you over Inteltel Data Centers and variety of partners through global points of presence around the world.

Support Smooth Transformation

Symmetrical & dedicated connections
IPv4 addresses available
IPv6 enabled
Our native dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) network is built on carrier-class routing and optical infrastructure that organizations can utilize across all of their test types (web, network, voice, routing) and agent types (cloud, enterprise, endpoint)

Real-Time Visibility

WLower-cost and flat-rate billing, we offer bandwidth of the highest quality, speed, reliability and affordability, include bandwidth-intensive packet flows to be sent to multiple destinations simultaneously, sharing of bandwidth across ports, real-time visibility which avoid our customers overpaying for idle capacity.

End User Monitoring with Endpoint Agents

Monitoring service include information technology to understand and monitoring how services are performing, along with identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Monitoring apply to applications, networks, security, view order status as-well as billing through Inteltel portal, and data centers operation.

Global Network Reach

Inteltel globe’s tier 1 IP Transit service operating abroad as well in USA is the customized business communication solutions of product set consisting of Dedicated Internet Access, Ethernet Point-to-Point, Ethernet VPLS, and Colocation Services to Enterprise customers, Carrier and Service Providers, applications, content providers and management tools that enable IoT and M2M projects across Inteltel IoT connectivity platform.

Edge-to-edge capabilities that integrate online dashboard where you can remotely monitor your portfolio of connected devices to our 24/7 Customer Care department who is there to answer the call whenever you need us, we provide everything bundled together to make sure your equipment gets connected quickly and stays connected across our top network reach that your organizations need to connect globally.

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