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Virtual Network Functions

We create a foundation for future growth, by consolidating customers existing network hardware into
Inteltel single virtual network, reduce operating costs and security protocols

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What Are Virtual Network Functions or VNFs?

Network functions virtualization (NFV) are virtual network functions (VNFs) that allows for improvement scalability, customization across the entire network, and can handle specific network functions like firewalls or load balancing. NFV reduces the need for dedicated hardware to deploy and manage networks by offloading network functions into software that can run on industry-standard hardware and can be managed from anywhere within the operator’s network.


Customized Solutions

Solution backed by our experienced team underlying operating costs, and accelerate service deployment for network operators.

Next Level Management

NFV concept s in full level cooperation and interaction, self-service, self-management and benefit between various network solution providers and network operator’s total control of the service and pay per use.

Security Protocols

High level security functions like a firewall or encryption from dedicated hardware to virtual servers.

Why choose us?

Inteltel entire network connection options security applications offers virtual network function (VNF) management platform, self-managed virtual firewall and create a fully virtualized environment for enterprise platform adoption. Tools are available and offer regular checkpoints, goal appraisals, and performance objectives that are includes the migration of key applications a complete portal to see in real time the situation of your network

IT virtualization technologies using software for network functions, can easily update the software instead of the whole system’s hardware.

Our IT Infrastructure for enterprise projects and services are well positioned to immediately implemented your VPN, WAN Multi-Cloud service or your SD-WAN, and analyze data to drive value. From the Inteltel platform your can access our virtual services, choose what you need through the Drag & Drop system, calculate your budget and monitor the service regardless of the underlining infrastructure, all the functions and applications essential to the future of you network.

Virtualization helped the development of 5G technology, and bring incalculable amounts of revenue to existing and new markets

Our solutions integrated cloud (AIC) platform builds to delivers the highest quality of experience for service orchestration; we also combine software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) technologies additional areas of focus includes software control of VNFs between enterprise networks to meet the needs of unified network that supports several of devices, applications, superior collaboration and communication tools, high security and quicker response to the market conditions

Flexible management options ensuring network connectivity and dynamic Function Chaining for CNFs

Inteltel offers flexible management options across data center locations using VNF Manager interfaces with network orchestrators (NFVO) and virtual network managers (VIM) to ensure elastic scalability of VNF’s based on dynamic network load and/or provisioning state capacity and ability to managed yourself on demand through.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) network protection and cyber threats

Next Generation Firewalls with a unique benefit of deeper firewall inspection that perform beyond port/protocol inspection, blocking malware and add application-level inspection, instruction pretension, by bringing the intelligence of Next generation firewall to lower cost and address Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) for companies looking for advanced network protection and cyber threats.

More from Inteltel

NFV Technology provide real potential for almost every industry

Our IT infrastructure for enterprise projects for superior service helps analyze NFV technology to drive value, regardless of the underlining infrastructure, the functions and applications essential to the future of network virtualization By automating the orchestration and management of computing resources, network, storage devices combining converged infrastructure , and software-defined technologies, automate and accelerate workloads.

This unified approach provides cloud management and policy enforcement to simplify WAN, WLAN, and LAN, introduces role-based context awareness to the WAN, and integrates multiple services to eliminate onsite appliances. SD-Branch simplifies branch design, reduces Capital Expenses (CAPEX), and optimizes WAN utilization for greater savings than SD-WAN alone.

Virtual Remote Access

Allows multiple instances of a routing table to co-exist within the same router at the same time. The routing instances are independent, overlapping IP addresses can be used without conflicting with each other.

Virtual Firewalls

On the basis of the existing networking framework of the company, the layout of the system security architecture is designed. Effective planning and research is conducted in order to perform a range of vulnerability testing and safety assessments.

Virtual WAN Acceleration

Optimize your network with a virtual WAN acceleration solution from Aryaka can avail interoperability with cloud platforms in conjunction with the acceleration techniques, and frequent off-the-shelf service solutions resulting in a quality SDWAN function.

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