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International Phone Numbers

Extend you local & global business communications with low rates anywhere around the world

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Local & toll-free numbers

High business capability to handle high-volume toll-free calls for contact centers, conferencing, call analytics platforms and communications platforms (CPaaS and UCaaS).

Local presence

International phone number is a phone number with a specific country code as a prefix that offers unprecedented opportunity to your overseas customers

Virtual call center

Automate call flow, increase efficiency, and enable remote agents to communicate and collaborate like a physical team. Agents can access the call center platform from any device with an internet connection.

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Develop global presence & customer trust

Using international phone numbers enables your organizations overcome complexity to establish a business presence in countries where you do not have a physical presence. When you call these numbers to your customers, it will give the impression that your business is a local, which will boost customer trust in your company and the services you provide.

Target new markets without the up-front investment

Enable real-time communication, managing high call volumes easy scalability and low call costs rates for local, national, international and mobile calls. Besides international phone numbers, we can provide cloud based VoIP with multiple benefits such as centralized communication system for global reach capabilities and enables voice carrier with or without infrastructure overcome the complexity of increasing demand for flexible customer engagement. We can provide complete white label solutions to offer ITFS for your customers

International Phone Numbers with Premium Voice & extended quality, routed, proactively tested

International Phone numbers with a reliable and efficient complaint mechanism such as CLI transparency, and CLIP identification, pre-paid and post-paid solutions available with extended quality guarantees, routed and proactively tested through dedicated procedures in which you can collect, monitor, and analyze each and every customer communication that occurs through the various communication channels, and data generated by the centralized repository system

Local, Long Distance and Toll-Free Numbers, the Cloud-based solutions that delivery cost savings, advanced features, scalability and disaster recovery services

Connected make it simple with IntelTel Unlimited Calling, affordable business voice systems nationwide local and long distance phone service; international and toll-free calling for business. International or Domestic Toll-Free numbers Cloud-based solutions and advanced features designed to fit your unique requirements.

Long Distance and Toll-Free Solutions include

Switched Long Distance

High-quality, affordable long distance service with simple flat-rate pricing

Dedicated Long Distance (T1 and Local PRI Circuits)

Powerful, dedicated T-1 voice circuits guaranteed quality of service (QoS). Unlimited local calling and 23/24 channels (per circuit) for inbound, outbound or bi–directional calling, & multiple circuits can be bonded together to increase bandwidth

Toll-Free Services

From domestic and international toll-free numbers from 75+ countries SIP or TDM connection available. 3rd party SMS/800 or complimentary supported

Global SIP Trunking

Providing Customer with virtual VoIP trunks that carry local and long-distance traffic to multiple destinations over an IntelTel network

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Business VoIP

A true integrated solution for your global voice unified communications over InteTel cloud-based Business VoIP phone service. This unique combination of connectivity provides you the flexibility for one low price business VoIP, and a complete business phone system that including unlimited calling, faxing, and enterprise-class VoIP phones

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