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Why choose Inteltel
managed & IT services

We provide full life-cycle advantages integrating a software-defined architecture present deployment challenges for enterprises that are considering a do-it-yourself approach. Foremost is lack of technical resources and managing integration complexities. Besides de-risking SD-WAN deployment, Inteltel can bring significant commercial benefits

Cloud consumption models

Get the best returns from Consumption models consider applying the cloud, On-premises Data Center infrastructure.

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Integration of full-scale security capabilities

The complexity of the tools required managing security operations, budget needed for staff and technology to defend against attacks.

We help executives develop a cyber risk program in line with the strategic objectives and risk of the organization need.

Uniform service-level agreements (SLAs)

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for global IP performance, including best-in-class assurances for packet delivery, latency, and offering a 99.999% end-to-end assurance

Why choose us?

Consultative approach

Consultative approach along with design, implementation of selected collaboration services supporting large-scale applications across the entire network infrastructure, and end-to-end management using Inteltel equipment, which is backed by our support center, repair and replacement warranty.

Strategy Goals

Full life cycle advantages across software-defined architecture deployment and the challenges for enterprises that are considering a do-it-yourself approach. Inteltel bring significant commercial benefits, technical resources of managing the complexity of integration and risk of SD-WAN deployment

We Make It Easy

Managed services in a Software-Defined transformation include outsourcing Inteltel IT services through availability integrated software tools that optimize network management. Hence new services can be easily provisioned across multi-vendor enterprise networks. Thousands of devices and workflows can be accessed from any of your multiple locations around the world

Proactive monitoring

Include information technology to understand and monitor how services are performing, along with identifying potential areas of risk 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We monitoring applications, networks, security, computers and data centers operation

Agility & services

Increase efficiency and ensures the highest level of end user satisfaction when accessing applications and devices. We supplied & support CPE devices, such as Cisco. Accedian, Fortinet, ADTRAN and Cradlepoint. Help connect router, switches, wireless access points, we install and manage your equipment and ensure security, sites performance and reduce costs

Managed connectivity & devices

Highly secure services that achieve quick and reliable network integration to your company high capability WAN. This grants a unique requirement connectivity, Wi-Fi management and provides a secure network access for employees across business locations

Advanced managed & IT services

High level of security using innovation technology to link your multiple business locations to the network

Managed Network Service

With our team of experts providing a management and technical support in which application run efficiently, you can scale globally with integrated security and achieve global reach

Implementation Management Services

In the race for customer loyalty, excellent customer service is a major asset. We’ve looked at ways to measure customer satisfaction, but this article will go into a means to provide it: a solid and clever network strategy

Disaster Recovery

Centralized and efficient management of backup data using patented variable-length reduplication across all backups integrated with the Inteltel Data center.

System integration

Complex contact center infrastructure solutions and IT services that helps in building a customized architecture and application, integrating hardware and custom software communications.
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Managed Hosting Services

Scalable infrastructure Data Center designed to provide easy access to resources, managed and secured hosting include applications and data.

Managed Security Services

High level of security using innovation technology to link your multiple business locations to the network and provides class of service enabling you to prioritize your traffic.

Managed Services Anywhere

Inteltel comprehensive software portfolio provides rapid penetration for end-to-end performance, and interoperability solutions to transform your industry along with analytics, cloud technologies, digital channels and data visualization.

Professional Services

Our IT projects management team delivery applications for digital transformation in all areas within an organizations that can help your business reach, buy, and manage products and services.

Tailored Managed Services

Based strategy innovative concepts with execution management software services and policy deployment solutions to increase capability and competitive advantage.

Support & Monitoring

  • Available 24 x 7 x 3
  • Certified engineer support
  • State-of-the-art Network Operations Center
  • Wholesale Customer Portal Tool and API enable streamline quoting, ordering and service implementation
  • Dedicated data account management

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