Cloud based unified communications and collaboration

How to increase function and user experience to solve employee’s complex challenges

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Simple & Scalable

Provides access to a streamlined suite of communication tools such as cloud calling, voice mail, direct messaging, web conferencing and file sharing, from a variety of devices and locations.

Lower cost of ownership

Simplifies your budget by giving you access to a wide range of communication tools and services with only one bill.

Disaster recovery

UCaaS assures that a business will experience less downtime, stay on the cutting edge of new technology and up to date with existing applications

Why choose us?

Cloud-based unified communication designed for small and large enterprises

IntelTel UC integrated multi-versatility and real-time streaming media, collaboration between conferencing, business VoIP phone system, and video or instant messaging, with asynchronous transmissions of data services for instance voicemail, email, and text messages.

IntelTel Business
Managing UC in the cloud makes sense for many organizations, through leveraging a management infrastructure that allows companies to handle UC functionality just like any other application in the cloud.

We offers a full portfolio of services, voice network infrastructure across multiple devices, UC systems support for open interfaces like session initiation protocol (SIP) multiple locations, third-party business applications, and UC applications, platforms for mobile devices on the network and remotely

How does you business benefits from IntelTel Cloud UC platform

IntelTel UC services such as collaboration or mobility in the cloud can benefit business in many ways, the IP-PBX work with the cloud-based UC components. IntelTel IT experts manage UC in the cloud to improve functionality and simplify management by consolidating all the various channels into a single platform for a single monthly fee and provide “anywhere, anytime” access to corporate data and collaboration tools.

Has a third-party service providers we covers the strategic vision for IntelTel’s backbone data networking infrastructure, which provides the core data network connectivity to the business into a customized suite of cloud-based solutions Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). a UCaaS platform

Digital workplace
Key for employee experience

IntelTel Cloud UC integrated multi-versatility and real-time streaming media, enterprise-grade network communication such as collaboration between conferencing, business VoIP phone system, and video or instant messaging, with asynchronous transmissions of data services for instance voicemail, email, and text messages. UC management for enterprise organizations to automate their enterprise communications services, voice network infrastructure and experience across multiple devices and locations.

Seeking out partners that provide set of software and services for our cloud-based unified communication we brings value, high-quality user experience and solve employee’s complex challenges.

We can help you identify opportunities to streamline your processes and build technology that will allow you to fully transform your business communications and collaboration across multiple platforms by using analytics technology to enhance your IT operational performance, and cost saving so employees can more easily connect and collaborate.

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