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New area of messaging services

Rich Communication Services (RCS) allow users to improve their service while also driving down costs, with single interface from which users can initiate voice, video, and messaging sessions.

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RCS opens a new horizon of opportunity for marketers

The ability to communicate with your customers immediately without any delay or uncertainty.

Better metrics and analytics, including read receipts

Understanding the habits of subscribers with data and insights into the behaviors and the intent of customers.

Truly reduce customer costs

By creating additional revenue opportunities, which will improve the subscriber experience and loyalty to the brand.

Why choose us?

RCS messaging with global rich features of chat apps for maximum experience

Rich Communication Services is a new and exciting option with messages that look better than SMS and offer more customer engagement opportunities. You can send interactive messages like forms, images, and video that isn’t supported by SMS. IntelTel provides you with significant experience developing and deploying advanced messaging solutions in order to build your RCS solution with a rich feature set that allows the creation of branded messages incorporating multimedia.

RCS for business dramatically enhance the communications

Our solutions for RCS an IP based messaging services using both Person to Person (P2P) and Application to Person (A2P) communications and incorporates IMS Core capabilities and RCS Application Servers, RCS Interconnect Hub, and a RCS Business Messaging platform with chatbot integration. Our IP-based messaging, give our customers a truly transformative opportunity to control and the capability of OTTs messaging platforms, enable RCS to introduces new features such as capability discovery, chat, group chat, file transfer, audio messaging, video share, location share, live sketching, and the support for end-to-end encryption.

Our RCS is the platform for communication services with hub connectivity, aggregation services and other key components

Now we’re looking forward to helping customers begin an exciting new chapter with this service. Inteltel network infrastructure, messaging as a platform (MaaP) services, enable RCS to provide hub connectivity services between mobile operators, reducing the number of technical connections required to fully interconnect across countries, regions.

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