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P2P messages build in one singlesolution

Our P2P interactive hubcustomers prefer value-based costing, improve user’s communication experience

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Global capacity

Interactive hub with advanced communication tool that easily integrate large volume of SMS and existing business applications.

Global support

Full spectrum operations with 24x7x365, global support teamsvia end-to-end secure connectivity ready to accelerates user adoption of SMS expansion.

Centralized process

Identifying trends and strengthening carrier relationships, regulations, compliance and bilateral agreements.

Why choose us?

Connectedanywhereat all times

All-in-one solution across applications combining global capabilities with easy connections from multiple systems to engage customers over the right mobile channels on our single, scalable platformthat supports both SMS and MMS or any type of SMS marketing campaigns,international agreements with the insurance that enhance our network agreements to make smart decisions based on our customer data points and identity signals and traffic patterns with greater accuracy so everyone is connected and supported. All the time. From anywhere.

Build longer-lasting customer relationships

We offer a P2P network services in a compatible and non-intrusive manner. AVPs can support multiple P2P protocols and coordinate to perform functions collectively, share files quickly over large distances and can be accessed anytime. There is no need to invest in a separate computer for a server when setting up a P2P network. It doesn’t require a network operating system or a full-time system administrator.

Key advantages:

  • Directly connects parties to a transaction without the third-party intermediary.
  • Peer-to-peer services leverage technology to overcome the transaction costs of trust, enforcement, and information asymmetries.
  • Offer services such as payment processing, information about buyers and sellers, and quality assurance to their users.

Easily connect, transact across the globe

A centralized management platform that leverage global complains, open commerce network to interact and collaborate your global trading partners and generates additional revenue. Customer Service as TOP priority: ensure a cohesive approach to customer agreements, and dedicated connection with high quality routes, multilingual and 24/7 support, fast deployment in terms of consistency, timeline and quality, so you can address the issue or the technical, commercial data and security in real-time, Personalize your dedicated connection, and evaluate agreements and the requirements associate with signing with many different operators.

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