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Real Time Cargo Tracking Solution

Our smart cargo tracking application enables safe delivery and plans for future operations growth and expansion.

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Enhanced visibility

Real-time tracking capabilities, advanced data-sharing and collaboration tools.

Global connectivity

Increase efficiency and enhance global roaming integration.

Integrating IoT devices

Improve safety and security, warehouse operations and enhance the overall customer experience.

Why choose us?

Our Solution helps creating new cargo tracking experiences, control costs and improving security from the chip to the edge

Our solution-based approach involves solving the complex cargo tracking and tracing systems and provides the logistics of the supply chain network through analyzing the new technological opportunities on real-time shipment tracking of dispersed environment. Inteltel web-based services software system enable secure remote access to the system from any location at any real-time services and offers tracking solutions for cargo and distribution chains.

Using Data to make the right decisions at the right moment

Our cargo tracking solution provides collaboration among data sharing and freight visibility of your goods in case of unforeseen events, and drives functional capabilities of the ecosystem partners to deliver advanced operational and process intelligence for enterprises. Additionally, widening partner system integrations and strategic engagement models for supply chain intelligence. Our system integration identify and address the weaknesses in your supply networks and application, integrating hardware, custom software, data, and voice communications, security and suppliers performance with electronic monitoring devices that collect data such as position, temperature and door opening in near real –time to help reduce total freight costs, optimize your inventory management and increasing efficiency by planning ahead more power in pricing negotiations, reduction in lead times and reduction in back orders.

Driving efficiency and effectiveness via API control and security

We provide integrated security approach management to the device connectivity and platform fully encrypted. Our approach to security is data-driven, based on empirical evidence of a specific harm, and adaptable both overtime and cross-border. Our portfolio of security IP, firmware and partnerships provides counter-measures against treats and help customers protect and expend network of connected devices and meets regulation requirements in cold chain and transportation of goods with 24/7 visibilities and real-time monitoring from your own systems via API and open collaboration among data sharing, freight visibility and drives the functional capabilities of the ecosystem partners to deliver advanced operational and process intelligence for enterprises.

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