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Fleet Management and connected vehicle technology solutions

Our Fleet Management for enterprise can help you business improve your fleet productivity, efficiency, and compliance.

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Support for Industrial IoT solutions

Improve quality of services and regulatory compliance with partner you can trust.

Worldwide connectivity through Inteltel

Optimize fleet routes, integrate and better data improve your fleet management.

Reduces operating costs

Improve production quality and reduces costs for fuel, labor, maintenance and new equipment.

Why choose us?

How to stay on top of you operations

Our Fleet management is a trusted platform partner, who offers a full portfolio of end-to-end, reliable and highly secure real-time data on your assets, well enables you to optimize fleet routes, integrate and automate compliance tools to help minimize regulatory violations, and reduce your fuel and maintenance costs, and help stay on top of you operations. In addition to the use of GPS, our fleet managers are able to track each vehicle, monitor performance and any potential maintenance issues, or adopt a video feature to record the vehicles, driving behavior analysis, fuel management, and route monitoring.

Here’s what Inteltel fleet management solution can do to companies

Inteltel, an experienced fleet management solution, delivers key fleet management services and support to companies so they can build a fleet management solutions quickly, cost effectively and virtually for any environment by using OBD telematic device that can be installed quickly, and provide an overview of the growth and innovation in managing a fleet of vehicles, no matter how large or small, involves keeping track of many moving parts. Our solution is based on a plug-and-play device that feeds data into a single platform for centralized monitoring. It uses an intuitive companion Drive App to manage HOS and driver vehicle inspection records (DVIR) and assets..

Guaranteed features such as:

  • Optimize fleet navigation.
  • Allocate jobs based on vehicle location.
  • Find Shortest routes.
  • Convey real-time ETAs.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization.

Fleet management solutions Industry and product expertise

Our Fleet management team provides exceptional customer service with options for all business sizes, vehicle styles, and fleet sizes. Inteltel provide turnkey data analytics and assets management solution with flexible financing that reduce costs and maximize productivity, using a virtual management log inspection and normalization to understand what is occurring in your business.

We serve the following industries:

  • Food Service.
  • Grocery.
  • Retail.
  • Beverage.
  • Agriculture and Food Processing.
  • Food Commodities.
  • Industrial Gases.
  • For Hire.
  • Automotive Parts Distribution.

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