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Inteltel 5G Roaming Services

Help improve direct communication and create services for public and private 5G networks.

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Global connection, local experience

Connection to global mobile networksusing variety of solutions and technologies.

Global support

Full spectrum operations with global support teamsvia asecure mobile network connectivity ready to accelerates5G Roaming andserve your needs.

Coverage experience

Covers all aspects relevant for deploying and operating 5G roaming securely.

Why choose us?

Unified roaming in a 5G network that handle greater traffic

Reliable and low latency Roaming infrastructure in a 5G network provide virtualized network functions, storage, computer and processing capabilities withgreater traffic levels, which enable you to achieve the capacity to use your mobile services outside of your home networks. Inteltel network provide coverage and services that can be making or receiving calls, mobile data usage, and interconnect and/or interwork when users roam onto a network different to their Home Public Mobile Network.

Achieve better agility with our big data roaming platform connect billions of devices and helps operators in managing their roaming business around the world

Our standardized 5G infrastructure solutions support cloud-native technology witch include IoT applicationswith low risk,helps creating a holistic view of the roaming business and monetizing the existing data sources, simplifies collaboration among roaming partners and their network and network coverage for any deployment scenario - from dense urban centers, to the most remote corners of the world.

Inteltel Roaming services helping business do business better

Innovative roaming and big data solutions to mobile operatorsCSPs in real-time for service and network ensure operation technical aspects, provide real-time visibility and control into their services in international roaming agreements, and provides customers with range of wireless voice and data capabilities. Working with national carrier simplifies collaboration among our roaming partners and their network and provides the highest level of personalized support to our product line, which enhances the Wi-Fi experience for services providers and their customers, support roaming revenues with the high level of network security.

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