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Connectivity Services

Connectivity that handles all the complexity of your roaming

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Global &local experience

Convergence of multiple applications and traffic types on to a single network

Numerous connectivity options to meet varied requirements

Support teams via a secure mobile network connectivity ready to accelerates 5G Roaming and serve your needs

Flexible connectivity service that expands worldwide

Cover all aspects relevant for deploying and operating 5G roaming securely

Connectivity Services

International Roaming

Allows mobile users to continue to use their mobile phone or other mobile devicesincluding connection failures and reduce roaming costs. Our experts proactively identifying trends and insights in telecom with establishedexperienced partners in international roaming data and drive subscriber  Connectivity, and discount agreements wherever they might be traveling
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Data Services

We offers low latency and provides high throughput flexible capacity with highly resilient and secure global network based Ethernet service, with high quality Data Breakoutthatimproved operational efficiency via real time control, connect user’s devices with low latency and guarantee low cost in roaming services
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Our interconnection models and arrangements for mobile services and the adoption of IPX models with direct access to numerous connectivity options and tools are set to meet industry requirements.
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Data Roaming

Our data roaming solutions is supported by most mobile operators and allows you to stay connected in other countries with your phone number roaming in 210+ countries around the world, and a reliable high-speed Internet during your travels.
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Signalling Exchange & Partners

The ability to maintain signalling integrity, we guarantees the exchange of your mobile services and access to your customers roaming partners from 2G, 3G, or 5G no matter your environments.
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