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Roaming experience with wide range of value added services

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High operational efficiency

With a management Portal ready to accelerates your 5G-SA international roaming relations.

New revenues with value-added services

With connectivity options over 500 mobile networks with one contact for all your international value-added services.

Connect to our network wherever you

We covers all the resources and expertise to scale up your teams.

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Create new revenues and value-added services

High operational efficiency both in roaming and operational management Inteltel Roaming Integrator Service is a state-of-the-art solution that gives you instant access to more than 400 roaming destinations around the world. Connecting to Inteltel platform will enable your network to access KPN Mobile’s roaming agreements with leading network operators worldwide.

Enjoy texting and calling service while traveling outside of the U.S. avoid international roaming charges with automatic international roaming

Inteltel offers you a wide range of value added features while roaming including transaction enhancers support mobile data entry and alerting and response systems to increase transparency and decrease churn by communicating the retail tariffs in the visited country. SMS service convert each customer’s behavioral, analytics tools drive perceptive management modules, Campaign that improve experiences and generate business outcomes.

Get the most value of yourvoice, dataand messaging while traveling abroad

Our Mobile International roaming services includes keeping subscribers registered in their home network when they are traveling visiting another country. Wider range of communications servicesyou get everything you need usingInteltel Mobile International Roaming Applications such as retail voice data and messaging, location-based services and language translators, and advanced mobile security that including spam and fraud call blocking, identity monitoring, safe browsing, and more.

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