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Advanced security and protection solutions

Application control capacities treat and protect data across hybrid clouds featuring compliance requirements.

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Complements and strengthens

Overall security solution Firewall, IPS, SSL, and antivirus as well as content switching efficient sequential elimination of different levels of threats.

The combination of vulnerability detection

Parch management and application control to provide strong framework for hardening and isolating endpoints from malware.

Protecting sensitive data

Include automating visibility, controlling access policies and implementing ongoing monitoring to identify vulnerabilities and risks before they become breaches.

Why choose us?

Sensitive data protection management

A broad array of capabilities to help your business implement integration to the digital transformation and because of the increased use of cloud infrastructure and cloud applications. Our portfolio of reliable simple and smart switching, security and management solutions deliver the cloud-enabled for growing businesses need, ensures uninterrupted availableness of mission-critical applications from any device and anyplace within the world. We combine additional areas of focus including protecting data across various platforms and applications adds to the operational complexity of data protection tasks 24/7/365 management and monitoring services and protects your critical business data stored in physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

Automatically resolve client data and security incidents

We completely handle your security at an off-site location, or be the ones who set-up the infrastructure on-site leaving your organization to manage it. Unlimited Remote Support and On-site Assistance is all inclusive and covers the regular maintenance of your network security, night time and weekend patching that occurs and any emergencies. Every package is custom-built to meet the needs of your company while utilizing security incident and event security manager‘s proven solution stack and products.

Our basic packages include:

  • Monitor data activity and improve relation, auditing and reporting.
  • Security device management service.
  • Unlimited enterprise level remote support and on-site assistance.
  • Identify vulnerability and data management.
  • Integrate discovery and classification of structured and unstructured data.
  • Cyber security.

Data protection with global proactive security operations

Complements and strengthens overall security solution Firewall, IPS, SSL, and antivirus as well as content switching, efficient sequential elimination of different levels of threats, with global support connection problem and uncertainty associated with WLANs add to the complexity in troubleshooting in the event of a performance issue. By outsourcing Inteltel who is familiar with Compliance, you can rest assured that your company’s is minimizing the risks associated with protecting your data and sensitive competitive information’s.

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