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Our global wholesale services cover logical communications between applications traditional voice/data connectivity and services for mobile network operators

Computer Data Networks (CDN)

A new standard communication interface evolving strategies in the areas of Computer Data Networks (CDN) and media services, all-IP communications, wholesale cloud, managed services.
Global services with advanced capability to help you connect with global customers and grow your business around the world

Wholesale Voice services

Our international network covers 140 + access Point-of Presence worldwide, capacity up to multiple 100 GB and participation in around 25 + sea cables, satellite link and connections to the world’s major internet exchanges, over 700 direct connections to mobile and fixed network operators, we can reach more than 1,000+ mobile destinations in the world.

Our IP voice services (IPVS) solution is our major investment for your fast low-risk entry into a rapidly growing market. It delivers basic to fully serviced communications across our powerful next generation network. It’s fully adaptable to the needs of all business of any scale, in any market segment, so you can maximize revenue and target new markets without the up-front investment. A huge selling opportunity

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