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Product Benefits

Minimized Risk

Support virtual work environments, allow employees to stay connected in distributed and virtualized work locations while balancing customer privacy and operational risk.

Enhanced Productivity

The ability to keep developing new products to retain and build a customer base. The emerging digital workplace can address these concerns by helping organizations support changes in working styles that enable employees to work more transparently and fostering efficiency, innovation and growth

Controlled Costs

Minimize spending and enhance productivity by providing employees with the right tools and right information at the right time.

Increase Competitions

Users are able to access resources across the network, and partner relationships are enabled and supported, help your enterprise gain superior performance and competitive advantage.

Infrastructure Management

IT remote connectivity to corporate applications through mobile devices offers employees convenience and reduces the wait-time for completing a business task, allows your team wherever they are to reduce entry errors and miscommunications

Case Study

How enterprise adopts mobility strategies that enable for digital transformation

We help organizations leverage full potential of mobility by using mobile technologies to transform their customer experience and operational processes by allowing workers to use mobile handheld devices (smart phones and tablets) to access networks, data and applications in accordance with the World Media Telecom’s IT security policy.

Product Components

Mobile Security Management

Controls and implement BYOD business access controls policies, password flexible Sets, recovery data, performs services device mobile, and restricts the use of...

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Wireless Applications and Devises Support

Augmented reality enables organizations to create a virtual presence without the need to have physical infrastructure and help your enterprise gets an advantag...

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Asset Management and Provision

Enhance the effectiveness of organization’s supply chain. Allow companies to capture and validate data, offer access to inventory and process payments, all wit...

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Data and Mobile Network Management

Provide easy access to relevant data; synchronize storage and retrieval of data with complete access control of all the systems. With including apps recording ...

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Professional Services

We help you build a mobility roadmap for your business, provides detailed recommendations, architecture, system requirements and budgetary policy

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Mobile Security

Reliable and highly secure solutions flexible and adaptable to diverse issues related to the mobile security. Our solutions consists of two primary components: a lightweight host agent that runs on mobile devices, acquires files, and sends them into the network for analysis; and a network service that receives files from the agent and identifies malicious or unwanted content

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