Product Benefits

Cost control Management

We help you choose the right plan to meet your unique needs whatever your business size we have plans designed to help you develop a strategy for haw to get things done

Connect Your Mobile Workforce with IT Managed

Eliminate the complexity of the proliferation of mobile devices, deploy quickly and easily with IT managed- or employee self-enrollment, with or without installation of a client app

Flexibility and Opportunity

A mobile voice policy that are globally consistent, transparent and equitable, but that allow for some degree of flexibility and tailoring to local market and individual billing needs.

Simplify the complexity

For voice and data users’ simple access for unlimited voice, text and MMS for all type of user’s contract across all countries and regions, advanced security and compliance to address the needs of today’s diverse mobile workforce, all from a single console

Advanced collaboration across your diverse employees and customers

Mobile solutions that help enterprises transform their business productivity with cost-effective and flexibility tariff in multiple countries, and allows employees to communicate wherever they can discover market potential and react quickly without constraints.

Provide More Value to Your Global Workforce

Wide variety of mobile voice and data services,
options from traditional services to highly
solutions designer for Global Enterprises.

Product Components


We offer to mobile data users while travelling abroad, which also include hotel services, Wi-Fi, national “travel” SIMs, and visited operator SIMs

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We can provide visibility and control of a large number of devices, unified wireless devices access and BYIOD experience using Mobile Device Management softwar...

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We provide global mobile voice connectivity without being tied to a single location. Whether your staff are traveling to meetings, out on sales calls, working ...

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Mobile Data

2G, 3G, 4G (LTE): What You Need A very competitive plan with great features Unlimited Messaging, and data with lines that can be used for multiple applications...

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A2P SMS Messaging

We help enterprise & organizations deliver highly personalized connected experiences across multiple channels, including SMS, web, email, voice, push notifications and Messengers

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Managed Mobility

One of the key advantages is the ability to reduce the cost and complexity of managing and to deliver information to users at almost anytime and anywhere from your smart phones, tablets, mobile networks, social networking and data analytics

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