Virtual Firewall maximizes protection
and defends you against attack

Virtual firewall Best-In-Class Performance for network management, infrastructure and cloud applications covering a suite of large-scale of security services that improve policy configuration, visibility for both physical and virtual assets.



Help identify high-risk applications and prevents unauthorized user from accessing organization’s data and files.

Total Control

Tracks application usage, analyze traffic patterns and control.Service available from fully managed or co-managed managed.

Reduced Operational Expenses

Easy deployment no need to have multiple physical firewalls at one location because virtual systems co-exist on one firewall.

Why choose us?

Virtual firewalls are deployed as software appliances running within virtualized environments. A virtual firewall monitors and protects network traffic by transiting virtual switches and other virtual machines. Virtual switches link systems and applications across logical partitions, all of which is administered using a hypervisor that manages the virtualized environment. When virtual firewalls are installed on their own individual servers, they can be easier to configure and set up.

Virtual Firewall complete integration with network services

Our Virtual Firewall it’s available through the Inteltel Network, with total control of the service fully managed or co-managed can be implemented to your VPN, WAN/Cloud service and your SD-WAN. Which maintain security against unauthorized access from outside and provide a single point of entry, ensure a passive defense system, and constantly analyze, control how data moves between users, assess your network traffic, bandwidth usage and the effectiveness of your security measure.

Advanced protection for next-generation firewall

Next-Generation Firewall configured to your needs, protect your critical business data stored in physical, virtual, and cloud environments. We combine additional areas of focus including protecting data across various platforms and applications add to the operational complexity of the firewall tasks for future intrusion, or malware using cloud-hosted advanced threat protection to detects and blocks advanced threats.

Managed Firewall
Fully managed or co-managed

Solutions to meet the needs of your organization while utilizing security incident and event security manager‘s and products for on-premises and multi-cloud deployment using the firewall built for privacy, security of different legacy, such as infrastructure security data center operations and compliance across multi-cloud security. Our basic packages include IT professionals and system administrators to manage multiple security applications, devices and to respond automatically to resolve security incidents 24/7/365 management and monitoring.

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Technical highlights


Next-Generation Firewall includes a diverse set of capabilities to optimize application Quality; include:

  • Prioritize applications — Application traffic prioritization that are important to you, regardless of volume or use of encryption, without forced capacity upgrades
  • Application awareness — You can create a unique identify access to on-premise or cloud applications regardless of the port or protocol being used, or if the application is SSL encrypted.
  • User awareness — Identify users, groups, and locations regardless of IP address with real-time network performance metrics
  • Unified, granular security policy — Control access to applications, servers and network resources, upgrade or make changes

Insights on adapting the change

Deep expertise and provide information that accelerates decision-making.

Virtual Firewall complete protection across the entire network management & cloud-based applications

Managed Virtual Firewall SD-WAN Firewall

Managed Virtual Firewall delivers hi-performance and secure our SD-WAN suite, whether you're a small business owner partners, mid-sized or a large company with virtualized and private network environments. Inteltel unique security architecture virtualized next-generation firewalls integrated with SD-WAN platform ensure protection for on-premises and multi-cloud deployment using the firewall built for privacy and security of different legacy such as infrastructure security, data center operations, compliance across multi-cloud security, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, threat detection & neutralization.

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Centralized management of WAN edge routers

Advanced security analytics for all CloudGen Firewall deployments

Network-Based Firewall service and Ordering and billing

VPN / Firewall edge Routers

DDoS Protection Service - (Threat Management System

Vision for cybersecurity incidents

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