Virtual Remote Access

Built for remote work, configured to allow connections to virtually any devices and prevents unauthorized user from accessing organizations data and files when employees work remotely

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High Performance

Help identify high-risk applications and prevents unauthorized user from accessing organization’s data and files.

Remote monitoring & Management

Remote monitoring and management tools optimize user ability to remotely access client networks, servers or computers.

Reduced Operational Expenses

As larger businesses become more remote, administrators must employ the right management tools to monitor endpoints for larger client scales.

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Workspaces business solutions

In today's market, the speed at which you can input and receive accurate, up-to-date information is a major contributor to your business. Our Workspaces business solutions can helps achieve benefits without the excessive costs and provide easy management to your files using any Windows, macOS or mobile device.

Inteltel Workplaces business solutions desktop client app infrastructure and services, or website app for Windows 10 or macOS, provides rapid access for end-to-end performance, and interoperability solutions for your employees to work from anywhere with any device and support traditional applications, web applications, mobile applications, unified network that supports several of devices, and deliver great experience, superior collaboration and communication tools, high security and quicker response to the market conditions Options includes: Reduce response time between administrators, employees and clients.
Larger network functionality and system processing.
Increased flexibilities amongst employers, employees and clientele.
Bridge gaps of distance during economic hardships or climate changes.
Decrease security and data loss vulnerabilities.

Virtual Remote Access your apps, desktops, files and devices

Our Virtual Remote Access Solutions are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications and to impact business decisions where digitally you can connect your employees using their own desktops and laptops to work from anywhere and perform their tasks without being physically in the office. Our cloud infrastructure and services provide rapid penetration for virtualization between enterprise networks and meet the needs of unified network that supports several of devices, applications, efficiently provide superior collaboration and communication tools, high security and quicker response to the market conditions

This is a high level of internal customer support that reduce overall operating costs, and the complexities of traditional VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Scalable solution that enables users to efficiently service their entire customer base, create secure access control, event management. There is no need for a company to provide or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the services, we combine additional areas of focus including online data storage, backup/recovery, web-based e-mail and hosted services, business continuity, management services, database processing, managed technical support services and more.

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Identity Access Management Solutions leading business transformation

The business stands to gain from remote access a software application that lets you access a computer or a network and manage your applications, data, and content stored in the cloud. Inteltel IAM solutions can be deployed on premises or in the cloud or hybrid environment. We offer a mutual authentication and a fine-grained access control mechanism which are essential to avoid an unauthorized access to the applications or network resouces, lower the risk of DDoS attacks via outbound connectivity without exposing the network IP address, monitors and protects network traffic by transiting virtual switches and other virtual machines.

One of the key advantages of IAM solutions are the ability to reduce the cost and the complexity of our IT support to deliver information to users at almost anytime and anywhere from your smart phones, tablets, and mobile networks.

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Remote Access policies

Inteltel Remote Access Policies are designed for control over our business or management in a manner that could adversely affect the performance of classified contracts.

This Remote Access Policies, which provide detailed networks description, configuration diagram that clearly delineates which networks will be shared and which will be protected from foreign access. A unify security policy across all types of remote access and SSL VPN addresses Cloud firewalls, remote administration, monitoring, maintenance, and separate e-mail servers, as appropriate includes communications by telephone, teleconference, video conferences, facsimile, mobile and BYOD devices, phones, and all computer communication including emails and server access, video conferences.

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Technical & valuable services for you

Features products a diverse set of capabilities to optimize application Quality; include:

  • Prioritize applications
  • Remote user
  • Windows, macOS or mobile device
  • Connectivity
  • Application awareness
  • On-premise or cloud applications
  • User awareness
  • Traffic control
  • Control access to applications, servers and network resources
  • Unified, granular security policy
  • Service SLA
  • Service implementation
  • High level of operational performance 365 days a year

Endpoint deployment strategy

The approach going forward is for every aspect of our innovative built solution interoperates coherently and intelligently, no matter what their architecture origin.

Inteltel team can rapidly bring decades of experience to your business and quickly implement high value products that accelerate, analyze and trusted connectivity for your remote workers and secure private enterprise network by using Network functions virtualization (NFV) technology to reduce cost and accelerate network deployment.

Flexible architecture cloud or on premise
Easy setup
Virtual machine protection
Virtual network resilience and availability
Easy provisioning has it running in no time.
Onboard and offboard users and devices anywhere automated workflows in a single web console
Self-management, with full control of your service
Data confidentiality
Pay-as-you-go model month to month

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