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Integrated threat intelligence

A sustainable security strategy customized especially to increase identification range, vulnerabilities and protection against any cyber attack.

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Solutions built under the strategy of identification, users and single sign-on solutions.

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Our team of experts ensure the technological advancements, security and the protection for your business.

Approach to Risk and security

The need to protect your organization with Inteltel constant monitoring gives you visibility and easy management to grow your business.

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Next-Generation Assets Control and monitoring complex tasks

Solution integration and analysis based on reliability and high availability to monitor vulnerability, identification and potential risks. Our extensive knowledge to develop creative and compatible solutions that address real attack techniques provides deeper visibility for monitoring performance, security and troubleshooting. Other complex automated tasks include the management of vulnerabilities of Cloud service real-time defenses and granular policy controls.

Vulnerability service & predictable cost management with a usage-based pricing model include

  • Network security: Each company’s traffic is isolated from other cloud or Internet traffic, thereby decreasing the risk of DDoS attacks and similar Internet-facing threats.
  • Higher performance and availability: Customers can route traffic directly to cloud services, which means less latency, packet loss and jitter. Also, redundancy is built-in and pre-configured.
  • Simpler and faster deployments: All elements are pre-integrated, deployed and managed as a cloud service. The only thing IT has to worry about is selecting a bandwidth level.
  • Greater control for governance and compliance: Customers can use a self-service portal to gain visibility into and control over network and computing resources.
  • Elastic scalability and on-demand capabilities: Cloud and network resources can scale automatically and dynamically in tandem, which means customers, can easily address changing performance requirements. In addition, when bandwidth spikes unexpectedly, customers can burst on demand.

Ensure vulnerability control, troubleshooting, policy settings, reporting and remote locks

Trusted solution to handle control over how Inteletel technology packets are manipulated before offloading to tools, our security team of experts could configure these changes remotely as needed, and deliver the following benefits to you enterprise.
  • Assess and prioritize risk to support conscious choices about what will-and will not-be-done to address threats to deliver the technology-enabled for your growing businesses need.
  • Lower costs and more predictable cost management with a usage-based pricing model, our IT teams have a predictable monthly pricing structure and the flexibility to make adjustments when needed.
  • We combine additional areas of focus including protecting data across various platforms and applications adds to the operational complexity of data protection tasks 24/7/365 management and monitoring customer support.

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