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Product Benefits

Defined and Predictable Speeds of quality service

Offer high-bandwidth connectivity with greater speeds, timely delivery and high levers of resilience, advanced data-sharing techniques and collaboration tools.

Increase efficiency reduce transaction costs

Seize new opportunities and gain competitive advantage to integrate resources, ensure global management, and high-performance connection between your local and your global offices

Prioritize your traffic

Adopt strategies that make your business stand out for better collaboration and integration with World Media Telecom global collaboration platform

Simplify your business communications, connect to your divers locations with secure flexible high bandwidth options

Enterprise-grade performance connectivity built to support wide range of architecture and suit any type of workload deployment. Strong partnerships using VPN allows employees and customers stay connected more easily help connect your divers locations from anywhere your need

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Cloud based communications solutions, provide business opportunities to establish connections to customer’s public cloud over private networks

Allow you to choose the port speeds and a secure connection between your local and your global offices. World Media Telecom delivers the latest features and functionality without costly capital spending programs.

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Global Coverage, high performance connectivity

We offer easier ways to integrate resources ensure global management, worldwide coverage by providing visibility, enhance reporting using a variety of secure and fast connection protocols, allow organizations with secure confidence overcome challenges pertaining to the WAN service Our IP infrastructure covers the strategic vision, which provides the core data network connectivity to the business, and provides the needs of our customers to connect and communicate more efficiently

World Media Telecom Ethernet services can accommodate complex network configuration combining MPLS using a robust and flexible VPN to support multiple applications and provide connection to virtual private cloud services. As well as device configuration, installation, management, maintenance of your data, voice, and video, rapidly and securely connects you enterprise applications, to multiple business locations.

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Product Components


We offer a reliable business Ethernet connection with Backup Power through IP based routing, Ethernet data communications as well as other applications includi...

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Fully integrated with reliable data transmission via IP, MPLSand highly secure solution to achieve fast, reliable network integration to your company high capa...

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Our cloud solutions are safe and secure and help preventing unauthorized access and threat with easy access to applications that are necessary for business decisions

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New technology associated with network security, prevent, protect and effectively adapt to the increasing business changes in today’s most pressing security challenges

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Global Public Connectivity

The larger connections can be further partitioned into multiple virtual interfaces, which provide the flexibility to access public resources like S3 object and EC2 instances within the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using private IP space.

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Network Virtualization

Reinvent your organization with Networks of the future involving different technologies cohabiting into digital integration.

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On-Premise Connectivity

Innovation service built-in connectivity and integration driven by high business capacity and high level of security.

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WAN / Cloud

WMT allows you to migrate at your own pace by deploying flexible deployment models that can overlay any existing environment.

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